The primary goal of Al-Farahidi University is to create an atmosphere for teaching, workers and students to discover, evaluate, maintain and communicate the information, knowledge and values that can ensure the survival of this and future generations and improve the quality of life for all. Al-Farahidi University seeks to support students in cultivating an academic, physical and human development understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultural and physical environments in which they live and in reaching their highest potential. It is also targeted at attracting and representing students from different social, economic and ethnic backgrounds.


Al-Farahidi University actively supports the performance of scientific programs. The university continues continue recruiting and retaining students and improving their graduation progress and success in employment, studies and life. Through its commitment to IT as a common objective, strive to strengthen teamwork and meet others, including the school leaders and students, campus, and the community more effectively. We will also be collaborating on this joint effort.

The university continues to cooperate consistently and conscientiously with the staff, coordinators, faculty and staff to examine the plans, methods and policies.

Our Commitments

Our commitment is a partnership document between professors and students as members of the university as employees and students. We will work together to create a great educational experience at Al Farahidi University. It best understands our commitment as a manifesto of collective spirit, and defines the qualities and responsibilities underpinning education on Al Farahidi university degree programs.

Our university is one of the first universities to obtain ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001 certification for many of the university departments including human resources, registration, accounts, and the E-learning system.



The university must carry out its mission through

  • Leadership in every field, interdisciplinary research and new areas of learning are improved
  • To support society in compliance with the designated university land grant status, by organized state-wide education services that meet continuing educational requirements.
  • Providing unique and reliable services to meet the needs of the university community at an affordable cost.
  • Supporting and enhancing the changing and evolving research needs by using modern tools and resources.
  • Enhancing cooperation with partners between Al-Farahidi University and other institutions around the world.
  • Supporting excellence in teaching and learning for both university and students, and by providing many technologies to develop learning skills.
  • Establishing a distinguished organization capable of evaluating its performance to provide the best.