Maintenance and Services Division

About the division

The Maintenance and Services Division is one of the important administrative divisions at Al-Farahidi University, as it is concerned with all service work in the college from the restoration, rehabilitation, addition of building, electrical works, maintenance and maintenance of classrooms and gardens, and everything related to the service side and its connection to the educational side, and to provide all the requirements for the success of the educational process. Among the most important objectives of the division


  • • Maintaining the infrastructure components (health facilities), sanitation and communications.
  • • The continuity of the work of the electrical system (national - generator).
  • • Submitting reports on the extent of damages and work priorities, following up on the completion of work and evaluating them.
  • • Preserving the college’s facilities, buildings and gardens.
  • • Paying attention to the cleanliness of the college and following up on deficiencies and building rehabilitation.