The Vice Chancellor of the University for Administrative and Financial Affairs practices the following authority to conduct the work of the departments associated with him and the formations that fall within the tasks of his duties

Financial Powers
  1. Approval on the purchase of the necessary administrative supplies and scientific equipment required by the various University formations.
  2. Preparing the annual budget proposal for the University in coordination with the financial department and submitting it to the University Chancellor.
  3. Paying employees’ accumulated regular leave salaries for their services in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  4. Approval on the granting allocations of all genres, according to the provisions of the laws, decisions and instructions that are taken into consideration with regard to the employees of the University Presidency and its scientific centers.
  5. Any other authorities conferred upon him by the Chancellor of the University.
Administrative Powers
  1. Supervising on all the departments of the University.
  2. Providing administrative and legal advice to the Chancellor of the University.
  3. Issuing administrative orders for appointing administrators, technicians, and teaching staff at the university presidency and the scientific centers associated with it, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
  4. Transferring administrative and technical personnel between the administrative formations of the University Presidency and in consultation with their direct superiors.
  5. Approval of dispatching the University’s employees, administrators and technicians inside and outside the country, according to the instructions in force.
  6. Approving for the formation of various committees at the University within his competence.
  7. Forming investigative committees to investigate violations of employees and technicians at the University Presidency.
  8. Accepting or rejecting the resignation of the employees (except for the teaching staff/lecturers).
  9. Directing letters of thanks and appreciation to the University’s employees for their distinguished work.
  10. Approve the regular and accumulated leave salaries for employees to be paid for their services in accordance with the provisions of the process/law.
  11. Change the job (labor) titles for employees (technicians and administrators) within the University’s staff.
  12. Granting a leave of spousal accompaniment to University employees.
  13. Conducting field and inspection visits for all the University formations.
  14. General supervision of all administrative, legal and financial work of the University.
  15. Organizing temporary and permanent identities (ID) and following up on lost ID of the University level.
  16. Proposing studies, research and activities related to the administrative, legal and financial aspects of the University.
  17. Addressing the various state departments and institutions, including ministries (except for the Minister’s office), regarding the work of the departments related to him.
  18. Signing on the transactions decided by the Chancellor of the University and that fall within his jurisdiction.
  19. Approval of maternity leave for the female University Presidency and formations affiliated formations.
  20. Transfer the applicants to be appointed to the teaching staff to the scientific committees to determine their ability to teach.
  21. Recommending that the University Presidency staff and its affiliated formations to be assigned the additional work required by the University’s interest/need.
  22. Recommending to dispense with the services of employees on probation due to their inefficiency.
  23. Any other authorities/powers conferred upon him by the Chancellor of the University.