Follow-up Section

Outline about the Section

The follow-up department was established at Al-Farahidi University with the establishment of the university in 2013, and the department is directly related to the esteemed president of the university. The follow-up department is one of the most important departments as it is responsible for maintaining and providing security and order within the University. The department is headed by a director who is directly responsible for all the department’s tasks, supervising all follow-up staff, and following up on the security tasks of all colleges and departments of our university, and he is charged with the responsibility of the Campus Guards Division in addition to his duties.

The Objectives

  • Achieving security, stability and protection for the educational institution (the University).
  • Monitoring students’ behavior on campus.
  • Creating an electronic monitoring system for the work of surveillance cameras by placing surveillance cameras on all the buildings of the university presidency and following them on a daily basis in the cameras and surveillance room of our department in light of developments.
  • Issuing checks and authorisations for wheels to enter the University campus for the purpose of controlling the University’s safety.
  • The department coordinates with the conservative security services by approaching the security services about providing adequate protection.
  • Providing adequate protection for all celebrations and festivals held at the University.
  • Control of fires, completion of prevention, safety and civil defense requirements, and the use of modern means and technology through the provision of fire sensing systems, early warning and modern means in extinguishing fires.

The organizational structure of the Follow-up Section consists of three divisions, as shown

Badges and Authorization

It is the division responsible for issuing wheels for the entry of wheels into the University campus for the purpose of controlling the safety of the university, and for issuing permits to enter the wheels/cars for workers of companies working on university projects. In addition, the students enter for the purpose of facilitating the entry of their wheels to the campus, and for the purpose of controlling the safety of the campus.

Information Division

It is the division responsible for receiving auditors, and facilitating the entry and exit of University employees, students, and teaching staff, as well as external auditors.

Administrative Unit

This unit is directly related to the department director, and is responsible for receiving and delivering the incoming and outgoing mail on paper and electronically, and following up on the incoming and outgoing books/letters of the section.