Media and Public Relations Division

About Division

The division of Media and Public Relations in universities is an important and vital part because of its role in covering the activities and events of the university. It is a division that specialises in highlighting the activities of Al-Farahidi University and supervising activities that highlight the University’s facade and its effectiveness, which includes organising and preparing programs for the University’s participation in national events, and organising parties’ Annual graduation, organizing delegations’ visits to the university. It is also coordinating the celebrations held by the university. The department has a clear role in highlighting previous activities in the various media and transforming them into a media message accessible to all to see through it what the University does and the services it provides in various fields.

The Vision

The Division of Media and Public Relations is concerned with the media activities and events that serve the University with its students, professors, and its members in a way that reflects the bright and expressive image of the university’s reality and the movement of creativity and development in it.


The message that the Department of Media and Public Relations works to support and achieve is the diligent work through various tools to transform the scientific, literary, cultural and intellectual achievement into a media message and place it within the reach of the broad public. The achievements of Al Farahidi University is to serve the community and contribute to its building and that is through the transmission of the proceedings of conferences, scientific seminars, workshops, patents, local and international university participations, consultations that it provides and its partnerships with the other Ministry of State through a media message that the department works to publish through various media.

The Objectives

  • Upgrading the University media in a way that enables it to carry out its duties properly, effectively and creatively.
  • Creating a positive and bright image of the role the University plays in supporting the scientific research movement and supporting cases of creativity and innovation in it.
  • Spread cultural awareness among the student population and promote the values and principles of freedom of expression and opinion, and respect for human rights.
  • Establishing the traditions of independent, innovative, and modelling media work in the scientific and public circles.
  • Developing methods and tools and diversifying sources and means.
  • Simulate the development in the media according to the available capabilities so that they match them in performance and quality.
  • Adopted convincing news materials and expressive formulas to highlight creative cases and make them a role model for others.
  • Identifying the University’s strategy and goals, introducing the public to its leaders, and reflecting the bright image of its colleges and departments.
  • Encouraging professors, researchers, students and associates to write and publish in the department’s publications.
  • Attempting to self-reliance in financing by activating economically beneficial activities.

The Division’s Basic Functions

  • Managing the University’s social media and publishing news continuously and periodically.
  • Photography of the University buildings, squares and gardens.
  • Designing photos and all kinds of montage for videos.
  • Managing and following up the promotion of electronic and paper advertisements.
  • Editing news and articles in coordination with deanships and departments.
  • Follow the University’s official website.
  • Producing short films in cooperation with the College of Media and its students.
  • To Work on the cover activities and events of all kinds, such as conferences, seminars, seminars, sports festivals, and other events for all deanships and departments of the University, highlighting them and raising them to the media.
  • To start of the publication of the University’s newspaper, a monthly electronic or periodic paper, concerned with all scientific activities. The Media Division, in cooperation with students of the College of Media, adopts the typesetting, designing and editing process.
  • The Division coordinates and facilitates the tasks of all satellite channels and other media at the University to complete their media reports.
  • The Division adopts the organisation of central conferences and celebrations for the University and undertakes the media aspects of those celebrations or conferences through the print, audio and visual media.
  • The Division monitors all media matters related to the University and presents them to the University Council for a decision and the possibility of responding to them.
  • Organise television interviews required for any University official and attend regularly with the media in those activities.
  • The Division monitors the humanitarian and social aspects of all University employees and professors, and sends congratulations and condolences on happy and melancholic occasions.
  • The division extends communication bridges with Iraqi Universities by exchanging publications and publications.