The University Chancellor exercises the following powers to run the university’s requirement as required

Administrative Powers
  1. Supervising and following up on all the administrative activities.
  2. Presiding over the periodic and urgent meetings of the University Council, calling for and implementing its decisions.
  3. Decide on the employment, assignment, and relocate of the teaching staff at the University within the approved scientific and financial staff.
  4. Contacting the various state departments (except for ministers’ offices) that regarding to the University issues.
  5. Approval of the secondment of teaching experiences inside and outside Iraq according to the USL.
  6. Approval on the dispatching the teaching staff outside the country according to regulations set by the University Council.
  7. Assignment the matters that fall outside his powers to the University Council for a decision.
  8. Representing the University in the official meetings inside and outside of the country.
  9. Assigning some of the university’s employees to the tasks required by the University’s work in accordance with the applicable University and Civil Service Laws (CSL).
  10. Appointing the heads of departments (HOD) at the University and its formations based on the recommendation of the dean of the college or institute, and confirming and relieving them, with the exception of directors of internal departments (and in coordination with the supervision and scientific evaluation apparatus).
  11. Acceptance and refusal the resignation of the faculty at the university.
  12. Recommending to the University Council to appoint the deans of the colleges and institutes of the University.
  13. Directing the letters/speeches of thanks and appreciation to the University’s employees for their distinguished work.
  14. Punishing negligent ones with one of the appropriate penalties for employees and technicians after it is established that what legally deserves that penalty, with the exception of the two penalties of dismissal and/or dismissal.
  15. Revoke the penalties imposed on the employees after exhausting their purposes according to the law.
  16. Recommendation to the University Council regarding revoking the penalties imposed on the teaching/academic staff after exhausting their purposes.
  17. The university Chancellor may entrust some of his powers to his assistants or to the deans of the colleges and/or to whomever he deems appropriate.
Academic Powers
  1. Reviewing and approving the meetings of the college boards.
  2. Recommending academic full-time for lecturer staff inside and outside Iraq, based on the accordance of the University Service Law (USL).
  3. Follow up the progress of the scientific studies and researches of the University.
  4. Granting fellowships (according to the bilateral agreements that concluded with the university) and study vacations for staff to complete their studies inside/outside the country.
  5. Suggesting the inauguration of colleges and scientific departments to the University Council and revoking them after College Councils recommendations.
  6. Approving on the meetings of the central academic promotion committees and the authoring, support as well as the translation committees.
  7. Signing on the students’ graduation certificates.
  8. Issuing University orders for the undergraduate and postgraduate students’ graduations.
  9. Issuing University orders that related to the academic promotions for teaching staff of the university after approval by the competent authorities.
  10. concluding cultural agreements with various universities and scientific institutions in other countries after approval by the University Council, the Ministry and other relevant organizations when necessary.