Research Schools

  1. The Finite Element Methods in Solving Applications Related to Stress and Vibration Analysis:


  • Since 1983 till the present, the rules of research schools have been established on the subject of application of the theory of finite elements in solving issues related to Stress and Vibration Analysis, and their applications in the designs of structures, as many researches have been published in local and international scientific journals, including nearly eighty research papers related to various applications of this topic and engineering programs design which handles a lot of engineering applications.


  • Many M.Sc. and Ph.D. students have obtained their scientific degrees through my supervision on their dissertations and theses, and they have been the nucleus of their Universities by following up on scientific developments in this important specialized field (Finite Element Technique).


  • In 1995, one of the papers won the award for the best-published paper in India concerning the applications of Specific elements theory in the analysis of dynamic stresses in rotating turbine blades.


  • I participated in many local and international scientific conferences with researches related to this specialization.


  • I think that I established this school in Iraqi Universities and that the attached researches, and my supervision on M.Sc. theses and attached doctoral theses can give an impression of the depth of the school that was established.


  • I also participated in preparing a book in this field titled (Theoretical and practical mechanical vibrations) in addition to writing a book with specialized relationship in the field of engineering flexibility at the Karary Academy in Sudan.


  • Training the students in the use of various computer software related to Specific Elements Theory and for various engineering applications.


  1. The Research School in the Field of Development of Prosthetic and Orthotics Engineering Applications:


  • Since 2005, research has been directed to the manufacture and development of designs for artificial limbs and Orthotics, many rehabilitation centers for people of special needs have been visited because of their importance in our country for amputated amputations, and I supervised a number of M.SC. (8) and Ph.D. students (4) worked in into field, and the research line is still in force in the college from which students and faculty members in the Department of Mechanical Engineering gained experience in dealing with this vital and important engineering application in Iraq. Below are some of the achievements of postgraduate students in this field:


  1. The Design and Manufacture of a Device Related to Fatigue Tests for Artificial Feet and Limbs below the Knee through a doctoral thesis tagged:

“Analysis and Design Optimization of Prosthetic Below Knee”.

2-Designing and manufacturing a Prosthetic Socket for people with amputated limbs above the knee. This prosthetic socket was tested with following-up of a patient. The system was equipped with pressure sensors during the patient’s movement and carrying out his usual activities. It was part of the tagged Ph.D. thesis:

“Analysis and Optimum Design of the Above Knee Prosthetic Socket”.

This topic was presented at a scientific conference in Japan and the research was published in 2010. One of the German researchers who was attending the conference sent us an invitation to be the subject of the opening of a conference in Germany.

3-Improvements were made to the foot used in prosthetic centers, and it was modified to suit different walking conditions through a doctoral thesis tagged:

“A Modified Version of the Prosthetic Foot”.

4-The completion of a practical and theoretical project for industrial support using materials available in Iraq through the tagged PhD thesis:

“Numerical And Experimental Investigation of Ankle-Foot Orthoses Using (Perlon-Carbon Fibers-Acrylic) Materials”.

In addition, this topic was published in a specialized magazine in Japan back in 2011, and it won an original evaluation through the forms sent to us by the editorial board of the journal and documented in the published researches.


  • Two projects of prosthetic limbs had won the Prime Minister’s Prize in the second and third place in the third and fourth Sovereignty Festival for Outstanding Projects. A patent was submitted to the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control that tagged (designing a device for measuring the age of artificial feet).
  • A research was accomplished for the benefit of the Research and Development Department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the research was published in the Journal of Engineering and Development / Al-Mustansiriya University:

“Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Amputee Prosthetics”.

  • Establishing a laboratory in Mechanical Department for prosthetic examinations, also manufacturing a section of devices for testing fatigue for artificial feet, which is the first of its kind in Iraq, in addition to planning to import the devices with artificial limbs that have been received, and been installed in the near future.
  • Obtaining the approval of the College Council to write a book on the manufacture and development of prosthetic limbs in order to collect the expertise available in Iraq in addition to keeping pace with the world in this field, and we will seek the help of specialists from the manufacturing side to participate with us in writing for the purpose of producing the book that meets the academic and industrial sides.