Under graduate level

  1. Strength of Materials: Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad University, Al- Mustansirya University, Omdurman University Sudan
  2. Advanced Applied Mechanics: Al-Nahrain University
  3. Strength and Aeroelasticity of A/C: MEC and Karary-Academy of Technology. Sudan
  4. A/C Structure: Baghdad University and Karary-Academy of Technology, and Al-Farahidi University.
  5. M/C Design: Sudan University Technology
  6. Vibrations: University of Baghdad, Al-Khawarizmi College of Engineering and MEC
  7. Dynamics: Al-Nahrain University, MEC and University of Technology
  8. Engineering Analysis: Al-Nahrain University and Baghdad University
  9. Mechanics of materials: Al-Nahrain University
  10. Advising Under Graduate Students in final year Projects
  11. Computer Applications, Telafer University.