The vice chancellor of the University for Scientific Affairs exercises the following authorities to facilitate the work and commitments of its centers and departments:

Administrative Powers
  1. Addressing the various state departments, including the ministries (except for the Minister’s office) regarding the practice of these specializations, and giving a copy of correspondences to the University Chancellor’s office.
  2. Signing on the transactions decided by the Chancellor of the University and which fall within his jurisdiction.
  3. Transferring the employees of the centers and related departments after consulting with their immediate superiors.
  4. Directing letters of thanks and appreciation to the University’s employees for their distinguished work.
  5. Any other authorities conferred upon him by the Chancellor of the University.
Academic Powers
  1. Supervising on all scientific centers at the University and its related departments.
  2. Scientific supervision on the scientific activities in the university’s faculties, institutes and its centers.
  3. Preparing the scientific research plan at the University and submitting it to the Chancellor of the university to show it to the University council members for approval.
  4. Recommending to the Chancellor of the university to grant the scientific certificates to graduates in initial and postgraduate studies for all specializations at the University.
  5. Following up the students’ scientific issues/matters and decided on them.
  6. Expressing an opinion on scientific dedication and dispatch the teaching staff and recommending them to the University Chancellor.
  7. Representing the University in meetings, conferences and scientific committees that related to the nature of his plans, with authorization from the University Chancellor.
  8. Determining the numbers of those admitted to primary studies (morning and evening) and the various specializations and submitting the necessary recommendation to the Chancellor of the University with coordination of the relevant colleges’ councils.
  9. Proposing nominations for the fellowships and scholarships for University Chancellor affiliates.
  10. Following up the programs, research, conferences and scientific symposiums hold by the colleges, institutes and university centers.
  11. Approving the graduation documents for students and issuing special instructions regarding them in accordance with the relevant procedures and laws.
  12. Supervising on the student cultural, artistic and sports activities at the University.
  13. Forming various scientific committees at the University within its specializations with the exception of the central promotions committee and its departs/branches.
  14. Approval and implementation of the summer training program for the students, field practices for teachers, and plans for the University to open up to institutions of the field of work.