The Central Library

About the Library

The central library was established with the establishment of the university in 2012 and it includes the humanities, engineering and medical sciences. The central library of Al-Farahidi University, like other universities, faces the challenge of rapid development in modern disciplines, and the university exerts great efforts in developing the library and supporting it with everything new and useful in various medical, engineering and human sciences.

The university seeks to develop an electronic library that the student and researcher can invest through the E-Learning system in light of the spread of the Internet service, and currently data for books and university theses are being developed for investment when the electronic library is launched at the university.

The library staff consists of the librarian, Mrs. Zulfiqar / specializing in libraries, Miss Yasmine Fajr Abdel-Hadi / libraries, and Miss Samah Muhammad Aziz / languages ​​specialization.


Making the library a home for all scholars and researchers in various fields of science and knowledge.

The message

Providing the services required for education and scientific research through the contents of the library and sources of knowledge to serve the student, researcher and society.


  • Supplying the library with scientific, medical and engineering resources.
  • Development of office dealing systems in line with recent developments in the field of office service.
  • Providing the necessary means for all the beneficiaries of the university’s affiliates and other universities and scientific research institutions.
  • Access to modern resources and references in the best way.
  • Opening outlets for cooperation with national and international companies for book fairs through the internet system.
  • Cooperating with libraries inside and outside Iraq in order to reach the best services.
  • The introduction of library employees in developmental courses for their skills in dealing with modern library developments.
  • Active participation in community service through the participation of university employees in the various activities related to office work that are held by civil society institutions.