Department of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations

Which consists of three branches, as shown in the structure below:

Cultural Relations Division

About the Division

The Cultural Relations Department was established since the establishment of Al-Farahidi University in 2012 and it is one of the university presidency departments, and it represents the gateway to Al-Farahidi University’s cultural openness towards universities inside Iraq and Arab and international universities, where several cultural and scientific agreements were concluded with some Arab and international universities in order to contribute to the development of the university and to show it in form Which befits it as a civilized scientific institution, and in order to supply the new Iraq with experts and advanced scientific minds, the department organized a special schedule for training, and the department also contributed to sending many students of primary studies in fellowships to prestigious and prestigious universities in some countries of the world. Directly with the Office of the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs.


Creating scientific and cultural communication with the world to promote Al-Farahidi University and place it in a place befitting it in the ranks of the international university.

The message

The university assigns society and its advancement a moral responsibility that everyone must bear, and no one can excuse for failing to bear the burdens of that responsibility.


  • Opening up to some sober Iraqi, Arab and international universities and creating a kind of scientific and cultural contact with them.
  • Encouraging the teaching staff for the purpose of participating in international scientific conferences for research and working papers and making use of these participations to develop constructive relations with their counterparts in various countries.
  • Take advantage of the workshops and courses held in various Arab and foreign universities and in various disciplines, especially scientific ones, to raise the efficiency of the teaching staff and some university employees.
  • Holding memoranda of understanding with reputable Arab and international universities to facilitate access to study and research opportunities and the transfer of modern technology in various fields.
  • Facilitating the training of students in local, Arab and international universities and colleges through memoranda of understanding held between our university and those universities.
  • Encouraging the teaching staff who hold the title of assistant professor and professor to devote themselves to academic studies for a period of one year in reputable international universities and facilitate their obtaining acceptance from those universities.
  • Encouraging PhD holders to continue their studies in the field of post-doctoral specialization to develop their scientific and research potential.
  • Hosting professors from abroad.
  • Participation in awards, competitions and conferences inside and outside Iraq.

Division Tasks

  • Concluding cooperation and twinning agreements with local, Arab and international universities.
  • Maintaining the link between Al-Farahidi University and the rest of the universities by opening communication windows, exchanging benefits, and joining international scientific organizations and unions.
  • Sending professors, employees and students for training and scientific research.
  • Granting academic sabbaticals to professors outside Iraq.
  • Sending students on scholarships and research.
  • Secondment of professor’s services to and from other universities.

Memoranda of understanding

The Department of Cultural Relations held memoranda of understanding with a number of Arab and foreign universities, as follows:

First – Arabic Universities:

  • Al-Farahidi University \ Department of Aviation Technologies Engineering and University of Technology \ Mechanical Engineering – Department of Aircraft.
  • Al-Farahidi University and the Middle Euphrates Technical University.
  • Al-Farahidi University and Al-Nahrain University.
  • Al-Farahidi University, College of Pharmacy, and Al-Mustansiriya University / College of Pharmacy.
  • Al-Farahidi University \ Iraq and the Lebanese University (AUL) \ Lebanon.

Second – Foreign Universities:

  • Al-Farahidi University / Baghdad – Iraq and the Technical University (Polytechnic) / Bucharest – Romania.
  • Al-Farahidi University \ Iraq and International Aviation University \ Ukraine.
  • Al-Farahidi University / Iraq and the University of Parma / Italy.
  • Al-Farahidi University / Iraq and the German University of England (THI).

Third – Other Agreements:

  • The mechanism of joint scientific cooperation between the Ministry of Science and Technology / Department of Industrial Research and Development and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Al-Farahidi University.
Training Division

It is a division that proposes training courses inside and outside Iraq to develop the scientific staff at the university.

Scientific Affairs Division

About the department

The Department of Scientific Affairs was established since the establishment of Al-Farahidi University in 2012. The department is linked to the office of the assistant president for scientific affairs, and its mission is to organize and develop the various scientific and creative activities of the university and follow them up continuously through coordination and communication with the deans of faculties at Al-Farahidi University.

The Department of Scientific Affairs is a forum for the results of Al-Farahidi University researchers from various scientific achievements, patents, and the scientific publishing movement in addition to many diverse scientific aspects, as this department is concerned with all matters and the scientific and research activities of the teaching staff (research plan, scientific results of sober research, patents and writing books Methodology and assistance). The department also keeps pace with the development of curricula and related innovations and organizes conferences, seminars and workshops during the academic year. The department also monitors publishing controls in scientific journals of the university in line with publishing instructions approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.


The Department of Scientific Affairs is concerned with the scientific and cultural events and activities that serve Al-Farahidi University with its students, professors, and employees, in a way that reflects a clear and expressive image of the university’s reality and the movement of creativity and development in it.

The Message

The mission that the Scientific Affairs Department works to implement and achieve is the diligent work through all its cadres to transform the scientific and cultural achievement into a message through which the recipient looks forward to all the achievements that Al-Farahidi University does in the interest of society and contribute to its construction.


  • Upgrading the reality of private university education in a way that enables it to achieve its goals correctly, effectively and creatively.
  • Forming a positive and bright image of the role the university plays in supporting the scientific research movement and supporting cases of creativity and innovation in it.
  • Clarifying the university’s strategy and objectives, introducing the public to its leaders, and reflecting the bright image of its colleges and departments.
  • Consolidating the traditions of joint research work and emphasizing originality and creativity in the scientific content in order to achieve the advanced research model in the university community.
  • Developing research methods and tools and diversifying scientific sources and methods.
  • Simulating development in the means of learning according to the available capabilities so that they are compatible with them in performance and quality.
  • Highlighting the creative scientific results and making them a model for others to follow.
  • Raising the level of scientific evaluation of the university by encouraging professors and teaching staff to conduct scientific research in order to be published in accredited international journals within the containers of Scopus Nature, Science, Thomson Reuters (Clarivate).

Division Tasks

  • Following up and organizing the scientific activities of the university in cooperation with the colleges (conferences, scientific seminars and workshops) for the academic year.
  • Follow up and supervise the implementation of the research plan for university teachers in colleges and research centers and update the planned, completed and published research according to the system of periodic updating of the research plan approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research every 3 months.
  • Supervising the process of controlling the circulation of chemical and biological materials in the relevant university faculties and standardizing the inventory of chemicals in those colleges according to the system for inventorying chemicals for chemical materials stores and sending them to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research every 6 months.
  • Pursuing the completion of pioneering research projects for university teachers.
  • Prepare plans to develop and equip the advanced equipment and supplies needed by the university’s scientific laboratories and follow up on receiving these devices within the infrastructure program and coordinate between the university’s colleges and centers and the Ministry.
  • Organizing and following up the procedures for scientific devotion to teaching for the purposes of scientific research (inside and outside Iraq).
  • Nominating the university’s faculty and staff to participate in conferences, scientific seminars and workshops inside or outside Iraq.
  • Following up on the updating and development of curricula in the university’s colleges within the curriculum guide prepared in the department.