Student Activities Department

About the Department

After the founding of Al-Farahidi University in 2012 AD, the need appeared to nurture students ’talents and take advantage of their spare time in matters that reveal their talents and develop their personality in terms of technical, sports, creative and cultural aspects. Like Iraqi universities, the student activities department is formed. A group of holders of bachelor’s degrees with different specializations.


Managing and organizing sports and artistic activities to support the sporting and artistic process inside and outside the university in addition to the cultural march through holding seminars, festivals and conferences for Al-Farahidi University students, and upgrading the level of preparing the ideal student to serve the nation in the development process by providing the appropriate atmosphere for practicing his hobbies, and through the use of built methods On the modern scientific foundations of higher, cultural and sports development to provide society with scientific and artistic competencies.

The message

• Refining the students' youth talents in athletics and technicians and helping them to develop them. • Urging students to participate in tournaments, festivals, seminars and conferences to develop their leadership and administrative spirit. • Developing the training and arbitration capabilities of the employees of the Student Activities Department in all sports and games. • Spreading the spirit of self-reliance among our students.


  • Carrying out all physical, sports, artistic and cultural activities through their management and organization.
  • Developing all sports, artistic and cultural aspects of university students.
  • To propose new projects that work to achieve social and educational goals according to the characteristics of the university community and in accordance with the law.
  • Keeping up with systematic methods and methods in sports training and technical methods in preparing university teams.
  • Contribute to providing teams and society with youth energies at all levels.
  • Opening a space to participate in local, university and international events, tournaments and festivals.
  • The exchange of experiences between the teaching bodies through the establishment of many cultural courses, seminars and conferences.
  • Contract partnerships and agreements for scientific, cultural, sports and artistic exchange and cooperation between our university and other Iraqi universities.
  • Contribute to establishing stadiums and holding tournaments in colleges associated with the university’s faculties, departments and research centers.
  • Contributing to the development of the scouting side and urging the role of leadership and leadership among the people of our university.
  • Establishing rehabilitation, treatment and prevention units in the Physical Therapy and Fitness Center within the university.

 Department Tasks

The aim of the department is to develop students ‘artistic talents, raise their artistic and cultural level, and work to make students benefit from the field of art in other specializations, and the benefit of student activities is to invest students’ spare time in matters that develop their university personality, and to give art and culture an important role in extending bridges of acquaintance and communication with Other universities inside and outside Iraq for the purpose of exchanging experiences in their various fields. Among the duties of the specialized professors and supervisors of the technical units in the Division of Artistic and Cultural Activities are:

  • Developing the students' creative side by enabling the student’s ability to use the available senses, the ability to imagine, organize, relate information and shapes in the surrounding environment, discover relationships, laws and solve problems in that environment.
  • Establishing an artistic cultural curriculum to develop students' talents in specific majors.
  • Establishing an annual curriculum for artistic activities in line with the specializations in the division, as well as training programs. All technical units in the colleges of Al-Farahidi University participate in this annual curriculum.
  • Supervising the training and teaching of students.

Department Structure

The department consists of three branches, as shown in the structure below: