Student Affairs Department

About the Department

The Student Affairs Department was established with the first stone to build Al-Farahidi University in 2012, and the Student Affairs and Registration Department is considered one of the important and vital departments, and it is the university’s artery that deals with students and everything related to their affairs, including admission, registration, transfer, hosting and others.


Streamlining of work completion and flexibility in dealing with moving away from routine and adopting modern technology to ensure the right of the student and obtaining the necessary information in a timely manner.

The message

The Student Affairs and Registration Department was found to serve our dear students, consider their cases and fulfill their legitimate requests that are guaranteed by the approved instructions and laws.


  • Building bridges of trust between the student and the university.
  • Laying the foundations of the administrative and organizational structure as required.
  • Caring for the student’s rights in all aspects guaranteed to him by the laws and regulations in force.
  • Trying to get away from the long routine that confuses administrative work and hinders the march of education in the country.
  • Coordination of work with the registration divisions in all Faculties of Al-Farahidi University in a one-team spirit to serve dear students.
  • Create a database for all university graduates.
  • Achieving the best reception for university students and keeping abreast of technical development in following up on students ’issues, in accordance with the instructions and laws in force.

Department Tasks

  • Follow up on matters related to admission, registration, transfer and amendment of candidacy.
  • Receiving student objections and within the controls in force in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and following them up with the registration units in the colleges.
  • Correcting the names and groups of students in the event of errors in the information within the lists sent by the Department of Private University Education in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • Follow up on students' administrative and scientific affairs from entering the university until graduation.
  • Conducting and following up the registration and withdrawal processes in the study, according to the controls followed in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
  • Providing students with graduation confirmations, documents, grades and wall certificates for graduates, and following up on their authenticity.
  • Carrying out the tasks of checking the documents of graduates at the university for all the ministries to which they are appointed, sending the validity of issuance to each graduate who is appointed, and receiving books related to that.
  • Cooperating with cultural attachés through the National University Education Department for all university graduates working outside Iraq and holding equivalent certificates.
  • Preparing census data for accepted and already registered students and participants in final exams, pass rates, and students whose candidacy is modified.
  • Prepare the annual plan for the admitted students in cooperation with the colleges and follow up the departments and colleges.
  • Archiving and preserving all official books and publications issued or received to the department regarding the instructions issued by the Ministry related to students and circulating them to the colleges and departments of the university presidency.

Structure of the Student Affairs Department

The department consists of four divisions, as shown in the structure below:

Student Affairs Follow-up Division

The director of this division exercises the following tasks:

  • The distribution of tasks among the employees of the department to conduct the work as required.
  • Supervising the performance of associates.
  • Follow up the activities of affiliates.
  • Distribution of tasks and responsibilities among the employees of the department.
  • Evaluating the performance of the staff and submitting the proposal to the senior official.
Documentation and Certifications Division

The duty of this division is to check the documents issued by the faculties of the university, certify them, organize them with lists and send them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and this division also checks the university orders for al-Farahidi University graduates for each year and for the first and second round.

Statistics and Archiving Division

This division does the following:

  • Preparing statistics data for students who are actually accepted and direct and participants in final exams, success rates and students whose candidacy is modified and transferred to and from Al-Farahidi University and preparing the annual plan for admission to the university.
  • Follow up, save and archive all that is received by the department and the official books and educational publications issued by it related to the instructions received from the ministry, and circulate them to the university faculties and all its scientific departments.
Registration and Admission Division

This division handles:

  • Preparing the Center for Receipt and Counseling to guide students and how to fill out application forms to the Faculties of Central Admission and supervise the admission of students applying for direct admission according to the instructions issued by the Ministry and for each year.
  • Receive the lists of central admission from the ministry and distribute them and issue the minimum limits for each year.
  • Checking the documents of accepted students by forming a document audit committee, handling cases that may occur, and submitting them to the university presidency as an audit report for discussion within the University Council.
  • Follow up on students’ objections, transfer from top to bottom, and amend their candidacy.
  • Standardizing university orders for graduates and publishing them on the university’s website for all years since the university was established.