Studies and Planning Division

The Studies and Planning Division was established with the establishment of Al-Farahidi University in 2012, and it is one of the important divisions of the university. This division consists of two units, as shown in the structure below:

Division Tasks

The Studies and Planning Division performs the following tasks:

  • Preparing studies for the creation of departments and branches for morning and evening study.
  • University Calendar.
  • Conducting studies and research in various subjects related to colleges.
  • Study the proposals submitted by the colleges and everything related to student affairs, such as attendance, study materials and study fees.
  • Expressing an opinion on what is contained in the minutes of the colleges' councils with regard to the subjects pertaining to the department.
  • Providing the ministry with the statistical positions represented (by university statistics - the statistics of graduating students - the annual report - the scientific plan - reports of the reality and movement of employment for the staff and the teaching staff - the database of the teaching staff who leave work and the new appointees).
  • Preparing the college admission plan for the next year.
  • Preparing and updating the database of college students.
  • Follow up on everything related to the first students, whether at the university level or at the college level.
  • Follow-up of the school curricula and the changes occurring to it.
  • Preparing monthly reports related to the changes of teaching staff and sending them to the Ministry on a monthly basis.
  • Miscellaneous duties and work according to work requirements.