Al-Farahidi Center for Digital Transformation

About the center:

The Digital Transformation Center of Al-Farahidi Universitywas launched in 2018, and by building the electronic system. In case of a global pandemic, all educational institutions around the world announced the rapid transformation of education in response to the requirements of this crisis; Our University announced its readiness from the first day to adapt technology in all its various programs to deliver the educational message to all its students. Al Farahidi University has proven its ability to manage the crisis and get out of it with the highest standards of success. Which made her reconsider that education after the Corona crisis will not be the same as before. Therefore, our university tends to employ advanced technologies in education and achieve digital transformation. The center aims to achieve the following:

  • The Center for Digital Transformation and E-Learning at Al Farahidi University works to improve and raise the quality of services provided by the university to the parties to the educational process, including students, faculty members, and workers in the various departments of the university.
  • Raising the level of quality and developing performance in the university work environment.
  • Providing support for the educational process, preparing, building and developing the capabilities and skills of human resources administratively, technologically, financially and technically, with quality and efficiency.
  • Establishing a digital information center (Data Center), which should provide everything the university needs from the digital transformation of the administrative and educational processes at the university and the associated programs.
  • Establishing a digital information center that should provide everything the university needs from the digital transformation of the administrative and educational processes at the university and the associated programs.
  • Building a system for administrative affairs that includes affiliate affairs, faculty affairs, incoming and outgoing, and archived files.
  • Building a system for the registration department.
  • Building a system for each section that contains all the details of this section, for example, the teachers, whether in the morning or evening studies for each section, and the affiliates in this section, the study materials in each section, their details, the students.
  • Electronic Identity System.
  • System for Quality Assurance Department.
  • Financial Affairs and Accounts System.
  • Deanship with the rest of the departments electronically.





Al-Farahidi Center for Digital Transformation, represented by the director of the center, Dr. Walid Khaled Ibrahim, as well as the members of the center, and by the continuous and continuous follow-up by the presidency of the university, aspire to advance the university in electronic and technological form, and to introduce the rest of the educational institutions to the importance of digital transformation as well as the possibility and efficiency of the university in terms of keeping pace with technological development and information management techniques and access to the level of institutions International education in terms of efficiency and accuracy, and raising the Iraqi educational reality to the top.




  • Installing and managing the connected Nano network in all the university.
  • Programming and management of the University’s server.
  • Maintenance and replacement of computer hardware parts.
  • Electronic follow-up of lectures, “Teams” program.
  • Programming some university applications.
  • Fingerprint management and linking to the Nano network.
  • Management, installation and routing of Internet towers.
  • Computer lab maintenance.
  • Programming and management of registration systems and accounts.

10- Programming and management of the university’s electronic examination system.




The center aims to:

  • Providing various sources of information related to educational needs.
  • Assisting and training Students and Lecturers in the use of information sources.
  • Helping Students and Lecturers to access information sources available inside or outside the college.
  • To advise Lecturers on the selection and use of the appropriate lecturing aid.
  • Providing facilities that help the Lecturer to produce simple lecturing aids.
  • Recording the sources of information available within the center.
  • Introducing what reaches the center of new information containers.







  • Prof Dr. Walid Khaled Ibrahim / Director of the Center.
  • Haider Hussein Ali.
  • Mustafa Essam Mohamed.
  • Mustafa Mohammed Jassim.
  • Mustafa Saad Moutashar.
  • Ali Salman Bawi.
  • Ahmed Ali Ahmed.
  • Sarah Ali Shaker.
  • Mohamed Falah Jarrad.



Events (photo album):

  • Communication towers erected.
  • Installing servers.
  • Computers maintenance.
  • Application programming.
  • Maintenance and follow-up of laboratories.