Al-Farahidi University to deepen the bonds of cooperation with Arab and foreign Universities

Proceeding from the orientations of Al-Farahidi University to deepen the bonds of cooperation and exchange of scientific experiences with Arab and foreign Universities, the delegation from Al-Farahidi University visited Amman University on Sunday 13-3-2022. The Delegation is included all of The presidents of the University, Prof. Dr. Tariq Hefzy Al-Khayyat, Prof. Dr. Mohsen Jaber Gowej, the University President’s Assistant for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Walid Khaled, the Dean of the Medical Technical College, and Prof. Dr. Sami Muhammad Ali.
The delegation met the President of Amman University, Prof. Dr. Sari Ahmad Hamdan, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Anas Ratib Al-Saud, the assistant president of the University for scientific affairs. A memorandum of cooperation included many items that serve the two Universities, including conducting joint research, joint supervision of graduate students, exchanging scientific publications and invitations in Scientific conferences and seminars, and the exchange of student delegations for scientific and cultural visits. The main purpose of this agreement is to serve the two Universities.

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