An exclusive interview with the great TV show host, Dr. Majid Al-Samarrai

The parties to the conversation turn to its depths in an exclusive interview with the great journalist, Dr. Majid Al-Samarrai. The College of Media at Al-Farahidi University held a training workshop in which it hosted the journalist Dr. Majid Al-Samarrai, in which he spoke about his successful experiences in radio and television work and the field of preparing talk shows. In its introduction, Prof. Dr. Mohsen Jaber Gowaij, the university’s assistant president for scientific affairs, the Dean of the College of Information, and professors of the College of Media and other colleges, with a large group of students who interacted with the workshop through their questions and discussions with the guest, as well as a number of attendees from outside the university, the most prominent of whom was the well-known journalist Dr. Taha Jazaa and a number of other characters.

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