The Letter

The profession of anesthesia is considered one of the important and basic medical specialties for dealing with the patient and performing major and minor surgeries. In addition, the mission of the Anesthesia Techniques Department is to direct and adapt all resources to reach excellence in education, research and patient care, and to contribute to improving human health and preventing diseases throughout Iraq. To provide services and medical care in the field of anesthesia, in accordance with the traditions and ethical and professional values. This message includes the basic elements in improving patient care in Iraq, including education, scientific research, continuing education, and community service, through a stimulating environment for the acquisition, dissemination and production of knowledge in anesthesia techniques. Preparing scientifically qualified cadres to be distinguished members of the health care team in different hospitals, and the department is committed to graduating trained anesthesia technicians to assist anesthesiologists in providing high-quality and safe care for the surgical patient. In addition to e-learning, videos on anesthesia topics are sent to students through electronic classes during the blended learning period. On the other hand, enabling students to obtain knowledge and intellectual and skill understanding, whether through e-learning by giving online lectures or attending laboratories.



The department’s goal is to prepare health staff specialized in anesthesia and intensive care techniques working in health institutions of the public and private sectors

Preparing, operating and following up the organization of anesthesia, monitoring and treatment devices in the various intensive care units

Preparing the patient before performing the surgery in the operating room

Giving the patient the appropriate dose of anesthesia

Carrying out the tasks of intensive care for the patient and dealing with narcotics