Chemical and Biological Safety Unit (CBSU)

The (CBSU) is one of the Major steps through which a safe environment can be achieved in the university laboratories. The unit’s work is based on evaluating the risks in laboratories and warehouses, and introducing safe methods for handling materials, transportation, storage and disposal methods, (CBSU) is cooperating with the competent authorities within the university. And outside, where the unit is based on spreading the culture of safety and conducting courses and research related to environmental, chemical and radioactive pollution.

The Chemical Safety Unit seeks to achieve optimal use of materials and to reduce all damages and risks of pollution resulting from these materials.



Achieving the highest levels of chemical and radiological safety and protecting persons and the environment from pollution risks.



The (CBSU) work to increase awareness and reduce the risks of environmental pollution and work on developing and implementing targeted awareness programs.



  1. Assessment of chemical and radioactive risks within the laboratories and chemical warehouses within the university, and the creation of information bases for this.
  2. Introducing safe methods for handling chemical and radioactive materials, transportation and storage methods, and means of disposing of chemical and radioactive waste.
  3. Spreading the culture of chemical safety inside and outside the university.
  4. Carrying out and publishing academic and applied studies and research related to environmental and chemical pollution, safety and chemical security.
  5. Holding training courses and workshops, holding scientific and awareness-raising seminars and conferences on chemical safety.
  6. Implementation of relevant environmental studies and consultations.
  7. Issuing awareness brochures in the field of chemical safety.
  8. Cooperating with relevant committees and institutions inside and outside the university.