Finance and Banking Department



The department of Banking and Financial Sciences was inaugurated in 2017 – 2018 for the morning and evening studies. After the College of Administration and Economics saw the light within the formations of Al-Farahidi University, the number of students increased into three stages, and the department is now waiting for the graduation of the first batch, which represents the year of 2019-2020.

Department Head’s Speech


The Department of Banking and Financial Sciences is considered one of the departments with multiple links with the various departments of the College of Administration and Economics, as its courses include accounting sciences, economics, business administration, and statistics oriented towards banking directions locally and internationally.

In Al-Farahidi University, the department was opened in the academic year 2017-2018 and for the morning and evening studies. The department was in numbers commensurate with the absorptive capacity and the university’s plan at the time. After the birth of the College of Administration and Economics within Al-Farahidi University, the number of the students increased for three stages. We are waiting for the 2020-2021 academic year to graduate first push for the department, and there is no doubt about the importance of this section and its outputs in the field of work, as the science of money and banking is the backbone of the economic life of a remote country like Iraq.

The department, despite its modernity, has a distinguished elite of specialized and competent teaching staff in the financial, economic, accounting, administrative, and other disciplines.

Prof. Dr. Yusra Mahdi Hasan

Head of the Department


The department is considered as a distinguished scientific department that supports the labor market with majors in financial and banking sciences. The department also contributes to the improvement of the economic sectors by sharing the outputs of efficiency in achieving symmetry of the monetary side with the real side in the wheel of economic life.


One of the department objectives is to adopt the quality standard in the development of education by keeping pace with scientific improvements in the field of specialisation and dealing with financial activities to meet the requirements of society and the labor market. Moreover, the department seeks to establish a banking base based on the predictive analysis in laying the foundations for the local banking activity and its links to the financial network and the international network.


The department focuses on several goals and the most them, which are:

  1. Preparing qualified graduates to meet the needs of the labor market, especially in the financial and banking field.
  2. Cultivating the spirit of values, ethical and organizational principles and responsibilities among the department students.
  3. Enabling students to be highly qualified outputs and on the high level of professional ethics to practice a profession that deals through commercial mind.
  4. Keeping pace with the scientific development of the educational process and its implementation status.
  5. Harmonisation between theoretical trends and scientific reality in the financial and banking sciences.
  6. Activating teaching methods and modern technologies in teaching financial and banking sciences.
  7. Effective communication in the fields, researches of financial and banking sciences to be qualified to pursue postgraduate studies through developing their intellectual, scientific and research skills.
Finance and Banking Department

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