Dean of College of Dentistry
Prof. Dr. Sahar Hamdan

Dean’s Speech


I would like to welcome you to our college. We lived in very generous support from our country to all the institutions of higher education. College of Dentistry at AL-Farahidi University is keen to create an ideal educational environment for our students in the belief of enabling them to be dentist of who can shoulder the active and important role in the development of health services in Iraq. In order to improve educational program outcomes, the College has sought to attract distinguished faculty members and technical staff to a high level of competence. The College also provides the latest scientific technology in its laboratories and out- patients, clinics, in addition to the college keenness to adopt a curriculum based on scientific principles, based on the integration of basic medical sciences and clinical sciences with modern learning strategies.

The college of dentistry relies on the strategic collaborations with various health care facilities in addition to what the college own of clinics and laboratories to achieve a high standard level of training for the students in all departments and to ensure the high quality of the educational process, the college sought to develop a strategic plan based on accurate situational analysis.

About the College


The college is established in 2017 as a department of dentistry while in 2018 it became college of dentistry affiliated to Al-Farahidi University and the objective is to graduate dentists with solid theoretical and clinical experience. Since the establishment of the college and up –to-now Professor Sahar Hamdan is the dean of Dentistry College.


The College of Dentistry is dedicated to addressing the evolving health care needs of communities in our country and the world by:

  • Providing comprehensive oral and craniofacial health care in an inter-professional health science community.
  • Educating health care professionals and scientists in a collaborative and diverse academic environment.
  • Creating, discovering, and sharing knowledge.
  • Preparing socially responsible and engaged citizens.
  • Promoting a culture of excellence, respect, and inclusiveness


  • The preparation and training of students and graduate students and dentists at a high level of practical, experience by giving them the opportunity to study all methods of modern dentistry.
  • Graduating dentists qualified scientifically to meet the needs of hospitals and health facilities both public and private.
  • Preparation of preventive health programs for all segments of society, through studies and research on the health of the mouth and teeth.
  • Providing health services to community members of all classes and processors, sound and free from defects from screening, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mouth and teeth, and the work of dislocation and padding and evaluation of the teeth, as well as compensation of industrial bridges, and crews and the dental implants through the use of modern technologies and the use of hardware and tools developed in the out-patients College of Dentistry.
  • The organization of the graduate program to train specialists in the fields of dentistry, including responding to the needs of the community and the continued development of medical services and health.
  • The organization of continuing education programs so as to ensure the permanent renewal of the knowledge of faculty members and practitioners to develop their scientific, professional and research knowledge.


College of Dentistry shapes the future of dentistry by developing exemplary clinicians, educators and scientists. We improve oral health by caring for the needs of a diverse community; seeking innovations in science, education and health care delivery; and serving as leaders in health professions education.

College of Dentistry

College Council 

Professor Rafil Hameed RasheedVice Dean for Administrative Affairs


Sahar Hamdan Abd AlghafoorDean

Prof. Dr.

Professor Iman Ibrahim Al-sheakhliMember


Sawsan Sahib HamzaHead of Basic sciences Department


Ammar LuaeHead of Oral Surgery Department


Hala Abd-Alamer AlwanFaculty Representative

Assist Lecturer

Luma Musa Ibrahim Secretary of Collage Council

Assist Lecturer

Jenan Othman AlmaasHead of Diagnostic Department


College’s Inputs


Students who graduates from the Secondary school (Biological branch) are accepted as students in the Dentistry College / Ministry of Higher Education. The duration of study in the college is five years.

Career Opportunities for Graduates


The first graduates are appointed as teaching staffs in the Dental Faculties of the Ministry of Higher Education. The remaining graduates are appointed by the Ministry of Health.