About the College


The College of Education was opened at Al-Farahidi University in 2013, and the college contains three departments: the Department of Arabic Language, English Language, Physical Education and Sports Sciences.
The College of Education seeks to achieve distinction through solid academic programs that have been formulated and reviewed to keep pace with the development in the field of technology and science, and these programs are compatible with similar programs in the corresponding colleges in the sober Iraqi universities.

Dean’s Speech


The College of Education relies on a vision that represents the university’s educational service with high quality and establish knowledge in the field of specialization consistent with the standards of academic accreditation, as well as contributing to the provision of consultancy and leadership in scientific research.

As for the mission, it includes investing the best material and human resources with the aim of increasing the knowledge value in the fields of educational and teaching specialization and excellence at the level of the corresponding faculties in educational institutions. In addition to supplying the labor market with specialized teaching staff and upgrading the educational level of society, whether in undergraduate studies or in postgraduate studies.

The college attracted the best faculty members and provided the latest educational requirements and means for the crisis of excellence in the field of specialization and success in the stages of study.

In line with contemporary educational developments and the urgent need for the educational system, to keep pace with contemporary scientific changes and acceleration in these fields. The matter requires in the long run the availability of staff with master’s and doctoral qualifications for the college to contribute to the graduation of teaching staffs for the three Arabic and English departments, physical education and sports science equipped with contemporary knowledge that contributes to supplement society with this knowledge.

The College of Education relies on the annual system in the three departments (Arabic and English, Physical Education and Sports Sciences). The study is in the morning and evening classes, and the academic and literary departments are accepted in it and the equivalent departments.

Dr.Taha Khudair Ahmed



The college has the following visions:

  1. Participating in the meetings of the sub-sectorial committees of the education college with the other colleges to develop the curriculum and subjects of the undergraduate studies that fit the needs of the local labor market.
  2. Contributing to continuing education courses in order to raise the efficiency and development of teaching process.
  3. The establishment of conferences and seminars with competence as well as the preparation of research, whether theoretical or applied through the teaching programs of departments sections.
  4. Encouraging students to participate in scientific trips to the relevant educational, or educational and sports institutions in order to see what is being studied theoretically on the ground as well as their contribution to any student activities held in the college in order to develop the talents and hobbies that the student tends to practice.



To provide high quality of academic programs in line with the scientific and technological development at the local, regional and global levels. To actively participate in the development of these technologies and continuous improvement in the fabric of the educational and research system in the college through cooperation with the specialists working in the field of education and according to the different needs of society.


The core values of the college are to provide programs of high quality in teaching, learning and scientific research and to provide advice in the field of Arabic, English, physical education and sports sciences for different sectors. Continuous interaction with different sectors to consolidate the following values (skills, integrity, responsibility, flexibility, creativity, leadership, teamwork).


  • Effective educational administration and optimal use of the facilities and resources of the college and its development according to the prescribed standards.
  • Develop comprehensive academic programs with future narratives consistent with the continuous change in the needs and requirements of the community.
  • Deepening the academic culture in the fields of Arabic, English, physical education and sports sciences.
  • Building an educational generation with all its specialties.
  • Develop the methods of learning, education and training for students and equip them with knowledge and skills that meet the requirements of the community.
  • Attracting distinguished teaching staff with multiple competencies and different skills in the field of Arabic, English, physical education and sports sciences.
  • Focusing on research that is distinguished fro its practical benefit and benefit to society.
  • Keeping pace with the development of science and its overlap in order to graduate specialized students who are aware of the origins of modern science.
  • Coordination and continuity of the college with the corresponding colleges in universities and other colleges academically and scientifically.
College of Education

College Council

Taha Khudair AhmedDean of the College


Asst. Prof. Yousra Salem MizherRapporteur of Arabic Language Dept.

Asst. Prof

Ahmed Hussein AbdHead of Arabic Language Dept.

Old Arabic Literature
Prof. Dr

Taha Khudair AhmedHead of the Physical Education and Sports Sciences Dept.

Physical Education
Asst. Prof. Dr

Abdul Majeed Hameed JoodiHead of English Language Dept.

English Language
Asst. Prof. Dr

Sundus Qasim AbdullahMember

Physical Education
Asst. Lect