Department of Arabic Language

About the Department


The Department of Arabic Language was established in the early days of (2012-2013) to establish Al-Farahidi University, and since then many students have been graduated from the department.

The department continued the course of scientific and academic progress and development.

Department Head’s speech


The Arabic language is the language of the Quran, as it is the sacred language chosen by God as a base for His Holy Book. The Arabic language has gained great importance, and the Arab linguist Ahmed Ibn Fares referred to it as “the language of the Arabs, which is the best and widest language”. Where one of the scholars said that it is the statement of the language and the tongue of the Arabs, and they are the broadest of the tongues in doctrine and the most articulate.

The Arabic language is one of the most important links between the present generation and previous generations, and it conveys to them knowledge and wisdom.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hussein Abd

Head of the Department


The department, since its establishment, has overseen the creation of a conscious generation that enables it to keep pace with the peoples who aspire to a strong, believing generation that believes in the safe goals that accompany the scientific process and that the world is witnessing in all walks of life.


The Department of Arabic Language seeks to educate the nation’s curses of what they should do in order to serve the Arabic language, which God has taken as a container for His Holy Book.


The aim of studying Arabic is to enable students to study other subjects, and to be familiar with the features of their mother tongue, its characteristics and advantages in their daily and practical life.

Department Council Members

Asst. Prof. Yousra Salem MizherRapporteur of Arabic Language Dept.

Asst. Prof

Ahmed Hussein AbdHead of Arabic Language Dept.

Old Arabic Literature
Prof. Dr

Sundus Qasim AbdullahMember

Physical Education
Asst. Lect

Maha Saad SultanMember

Asst. Lect

Asst. Prof. Shaimaa Adel JaafarMember

Asst. Prof

Department’s Inputs


The Department of Arabic Language at Al-Farahidi University receives students who have graduated from high school from branches (scientific / applied / biological / literary / institute of “Arabic” teachers) at rates that vary from year to year. These rates are determined by the Ministry of Higher Education for admission to departments and colleges of public and private universities and according to certain admission controls approved by the ministry.
The duration of study in the department is four years.

Career Opportunities for Graduates


The most important opportunity for students of the Department of Arabic Language is to teach in middle and high schools after they acquire language knowledge.