Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

About the Department


The Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences was established in (2015-2016) at Al-Farahidi University / College of Education, and the department is considered one of the important departments for the graduation of a physical education teacher in high schools.

As for the college level, it is considered the first section in terms of the number of students and teachers, as 80 students, who represent the first batch who graduated for the year 2019-2020 for this year, were accepted.

While the total number of the Department of Sports Education became 950 male and female students, to form the first nucleus of a sports scientific edifice and source of educational radiation in the graduation of sports and scientific cadres qualified to work within educational and sports institutions and to spread cultural and sports awareness of society.


The College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences aspires to be among the scientific colleges that are internationally accredited through upgrading its scientific and administrative level and to be the leading college in the field of scientific research in the service of the Iraqi, Arab and global community.


Preparing scientific and qualitative cadres who are qualified and specialized in the field of physical education and sports sciences to contribute to the improvement of school sports and community health, as well as preparing researchers in the field of sports sciences to promote the Iraqi sports movement at various levels.


  1. Preparing teachers for the physical education lesson for secondary school stages, familiar with the physical, educational and social aspects.
  2. Work to develop the sports movement for all sectors of the state, in cooperation with the concerned authorities (the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Olympic Committee).
  3. Contributing to the spread of sports culture and working on sports is one of the important means of bringing people closer.
  4. Contributing to the service of society by educating the practice of sport and its positive effects on public health (spreading health awareness for the practice of sport) for the individual and developing sports education curricula in a way that serves the progress and advancement of society.
  5. Preparing the qualified scientific cadres to work in the fields of scientific research and sports training to develop the reality of Iraqi sports.
  6. Contributing to the leadership of the sports movement through the scientific qualitative cadres.


Department’s Input


The Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Al-Farahidi University receives students who have graduated from high school from branches (scientific / applied / biological / literary / commerce / industry / applied arts / computer and information technology / agriculture / teacher training institute) at rates that vary from year to year. These rates are determined by the Ministry of Higher Education for admission to departments and colleges of public and private universities, according to certain admission controls approved by the Ministry.

The duration of study in the college is four years.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

  • Profession in football as a professional player, referee, or coach.
  • Profession of basketball as a player or coach.
  • The profession of teaching as a teacher or sports coach in schools.
  • Work as a trainer in a fitness center.
  • Work in athletics centers as a weightlifting trainer. He can join public or private clubs to qualify a team under the name of the club.
  • Work in one of the major gymnasiums and clubs as a boxing coach.
  • Work within a comprehensive training center as a kinetic trainer.
  • Work in physical rehabilitation centers for girls as a trainer of rhythmic movements.
  • Investing experience in opening a sports fitness center.

Department Council Members

Dr. . Hind Ali ThabetDepartment's Head


Prof. Dr. Saad Hammad Al-JumailiMember

Prof. Dr

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jalal Salih HassanMember

Asst. Prof. Dr

Asst. Prof. Sana Khamis HameedMember

Asst. Prof

Asst. Prof. Hind Ali ThabitMember

Asst. Prof

Asst. Prof. Waddah Mohammed JassimMember

Asst. Prof

Asst. Prof. Ahmed Ali HusseinMember

Asst. Prof

Asst. Prof. Maytham Habib Khudair Al-KhattabMember

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