The Physical Education College building was constructed in 2016 on the campus of Al-Farahidi University. Within the college there are a number of classrooms for theoretical lectures so that the student can know all the duties he needs during the study period. In addition, there are teaching halls in order for the teaching circle to be integrated between theory and practice. It is natural for there to be halls and covered playgrounds to practice the academic activities that are important in this college.

There is a triple court (volleyball court – basketball court – handball court), as well as a boxing and wrestling hall, a weightlifting hall, a gymnastics hall, and a gymnastics hall.

In addition, there is an open playground for (five-a-side football – handball – basketball). There is also a step to establish a swimming pool with world-class specifications for swimming exercises and educational courses as well.

Indoor Playgrounds

Fitness Room

Boxing and weightlifting hall Playground

Wrestling and judo Playgrounds