Dean’s Speech


As Dean of Technical Engineering, it is my excellent pleasure to welcome all of you to the welcome reception. First of all, congratulations on joining the Technical Engineering College, one of the top and most thorough, Al-Farahidi University in Bagdad, on joining our lecturers and staff, where you can attain your greatest potential…

I have the privilege and the enjoyment of running one of the Iraqi technical engineering colleges. The main mission of the college is to deliver high-quality educational programs consistent with the worldwide norms of science and technological growth. Graduate programs of the Technical Engineering College, in three main fields of Aeronautical Technical Engineering, Communication Technical Engineering and Architecture Engineering.

The Faculty and its activities have risen considerably in the last four years, yet many significant challenges stay. We continue to enhance all college departments, recruit outstanding fresh lecturers who specialize in new fields of teaching and research and development, add new fields of study, and raise academic meetings and symposia to sustain our many increasing efforts.

I’ll be pleased to hear and learn from each and every one of you. I wish you all a successful study and a difficult, rewarding study.

I hope that all of our learners will graduate with flying colours and become an engineer with profound and wide understanding. Remember to work hard and aim hard. Never underestimate your own ability and go for your passion.

Dean of the Technical College of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Adnan Naji Jamil


The College seeks to achieve excellence in engineering at local, regional and global levels. The vision is to give technical engineering support to society in achieving scientific development. The college strives to increase the knowledge of post graduate qualified engineers in the vast field of engineering to the same, or better, standards as more developed countries.


Our mission is to provide high quality academic programs consistent with global standards of scientific and technological development. Furthermore, to collaborate with educational entities in the continuous improvement and advance of techniques in the educational research system to satisfy the needs of the labor market.



1. To educate graduates to become competent and creative technical engineers in their fields.
2. Fill the shortage of academic faculties for technical engineering in Iraq.
3. Extend the awareness of technology among the students and thus society in general.
4. To advance scientific research in Iraq through an ambitious strategy.
5. To sustain society through the ongoing improvement of engineering education & engineering consultancy.
Engineering Technical College

College Council

Dr. Nawfal Mohammed TahirCouncil Secretary

Electricity Engineering
Aircraft systems

Dr. Waleed Khalid Abd aliAcademic Staff Representative

Communication Engineering

assistant prof.

Dr. Miassar Ali AhmedHead of architecture Engineering Department


Dr. Saba AmmarCouncil Coordinator

Thermodynamic Engineering


Dr. Mikdad Hayawi Rahmanhead of Aeronautical Technical Engineering

Aeronautical Technical Engineering Department


Dr. Adnan Naji JamilDean of Collage

vibration and Control System


Dr. Jamal Tawfeek FadhilAssistant Dean for Adimisistrative affairs

Computer Sciences


Dr. Aymen Mohammed Khodayer Al-DulaimiHead of Communication Technical Engineering Department


Dr. Ahmed Ali Akbar AkbarAssistant Dean for Scientific affairs

assistant prof.

College Study System 


The college presents a program of study to meet the ministry of higher education requirements. The study programs set by the department are monitored to be followed by the students throughout the periodic meeting and seminars which are carried by the department staff and condensed high quality lecturers.

The first stageThe Second stageThe Third stageThe Forth stageThe Five stageTotal
Aeronautical Engineering43474944-183
Communication Engineering42525046-190
Architectural Engineering3941444236202