Aeronautical Technical Engineering Department

About the department


The Department of Aeronautical Engineering Technologies was established in 2016, Aeronautical technical engineering is one of the most comprehensive fields in engineering sciences. This is evident through dealing with devices, machines, specialized equipment, aircraft engines, and aviation theories regarding industrial, production and academic aspects. Two major lines of aviation engineering in the department, namely, applied mechanics and refractory specialization, are dealt with through high-quality education and research programs in the department that enable graduates to participate in various aspects of the industrial development of aircraft in the country. Graduate programs aim to deepen high-quality engineers in related fields to participate in aircraft design, structure, maintenance, and scientific and educational development of the country.

Department Head’s speech


It gives me pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Aeronautical Engineering Technologies, which occupies a prominent position due to its distinguished academ6uic program drawn from well-established universities. Academic aeronautical engineering technology programs have learning inputs that are subject to the specifications of international organizations for academic accreditation based on the Distinguished Engineering Associations (ABET).

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering Technologies includes faculty members drawn from internationally ranked universities and facilities equipped with the latest educational technology and pioneering multi-disciplinary academic subjects that are characterized by continuous updating in order to provide everything that contributes to improving students’ academic level and improving learning outcomes.

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering Technologies contributes to the success of Al-Farahidi University’s vision of being a major contributor to higher education and distinguished by education based on distinction, innovation, involvement in society and contributing to economic revitalization, social transformation and upgrading the standard of living.

Prof. Dr. Adnan Naji Jamil
Head of the Department


The Department of Aeronautical Engineering Technologies at Al-Farahidi University seeks to be one of the tributaries in the creation of specialized engineering cadres with high efficiency in the field of aviation engineering techniques who can cover wide sectors in different fields and within the public and private sectors in addition to providing distinguished education and producing creative research that serves the community, and contributes to Building knowledge by creating an environment conducive to learning, intellectual creativity, optimal employment of technology, and effective local and international partnerships.



The mission of the department is to prepare and qualify human cadres and competencies able to carry out their duties with high efficiency and to contribute to the actors’ participation in the developmental renaissance, reinforced with the following:
• Paying attention to serious scientific research by providing the best research capabilities.
• Providing equal opportunity for students and faculty members.
• Promoting responsibility in a way that meets the expectations and aspirations of all stakeholders, including students, faculty members, employees and society.
• Preparing engineers in the field of aeronautical engineering techniques to help in preparing and developing the infrastructure in this field.
• Enhancing the ability of the department’s graduates to provide their field of work with the necessary research to develop an understanding of aviation systems and the functioning of these systems.
• Cooperating with the relevant institutions inside and outside the country towards developing the department and its graduates.


• The Department of Aeronautical Engineering Technologies seeks to provide a distinguished university education in Aeronautical engineering among its counterparts in Arab and international countries, up to the ranks of international standards.
• Preparing qualified and trained graduates who possess mental capabilities and research and professional skills.
• Effective participation in developing and disseminating technological culture in aviation engineering and directing it to serve the needs of society.
• Upgrading scientific research to be at the global level.

Aeronautical Technical Engineering Department

Department Council Members

Adnan Naji JamilHead of the Department

Vibration and Control

Muhsin Jaber JweegMember

Dynamic Stress Analysis

Abbas Fadhil AbbasMember

Applied Mechanics

Mokdad Hayawi RahmanMember

 Aircraft Power

Fuad Abdul Ameer KhalafMember

Turbo Machine

Saba Ammar SalihMember

 Renewable Energy

Yasir Mohammed Hasan MohammedMember

Manufacturing System
Assist. Lecturer

Department’s Inputs:

The Department of Aeronautical Technical Engineering at Al-Farahidi University receives students who have graduated from the preparatory school from the branch (scientific / applied / biological) at rates that vary from year to year determined by the Ministry of Higher Education for admission to the departments and colleges of public and private universities, according to certain admission controls approved by the ministry.

The duration of study in the department is four years.


Career Opportunities for Graduates


Department graduates work in a large number of industrial and service fields in the country, including, for example:

  • Iraqi Airways.
  • The Iraqi Ministry of Defense.
  • The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Iraqi and international aircraft maintenance companies.