Department of Architectural Engineering:

About the Department


The Department of Architecture was established in 2016 in the College of Engineering Technical at Al-Farahidi University, where a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering sciences is granted after completing (five years), and architects are graduated who are able to achieve creative architectural achievements in the various sectors of the country and excel in the Arab and international architectural arenas.

The department adopted the curricula of the College of Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering at the University of Baghdad, and was keen to adopt the teaching strategy of the mother university.

The Architecture Engineering Department seeks to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of architecture and building technology, and tries hard to direct its students to implement the latest innovations in this field in order to advance the reality of Iraqi society and elevate it to the ranks of advanced countries in architecture.

It also seeks to achieve integration between school curricula and working life, taking into account the requirements of the local environment in terms of the social, climatic and cultural environment and the employment of the natural resources available in the Iraqi environment.

Department Head’s speech


In my name and the name of the faculty and administrative members of the Department of Architecture Engineering, I would like to welcome you to the website of the Architecture Engineering Department, which was established within the Technical College of Engineering in 2016. The Department of Architecture Engineering aims to enhance the role of the architect after completing his studies (five years), where this engineer is able To produce innovative and practical designs, to provide executive drawings and architectural plans, in addition to using engineering applications in green architecture and sustainable building.

Our mission is to provide our graduates with the ability to practice the ideal professional to prepare a generation of architects capable of constructive thinking to address the problems and obstacles facing architecture, especially local architecture, by qualifying creative architects who can excel in the different fields of practicing the profession of architecture and continuing to raise the level of plans According to the needs of the local community and global technological development, the plan consists of (149) credit hours to grant a bachelor’s degree in architecture engineering that includes all areas of knowledge approved for the architecture engineering major. In conclusion, I wish our dear students good luck and success in Al-Farahidi University.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hasson

Head of Architecture Engineering Department


Graduating students with a specialization in architectural engineering and in accordance with the latest international accredited curricula, with the aim of implementing the various engineering projects that the country currently needs, and empower the students through a balance of theory and practice to thrive professionally and to collaboratively engineer tomorrow’s built environment.


The Department of Architecture adopted a solid program of study that included theoretical lectures and many practical aspects. The department developed its laboratories efficiently and thus the applied aspect became a complement to the theoretical materials, allowing the student to realize and improve the engineering materials in depth. The department committed to a clear path of scientific research that mainly included the applied aspects of development service in Iraq. Providing the climate and the appropriate environment to create a better university life for the department’s students, by playing a coordinated and integrated role for the educational process at the university and to provide the best capabilities in order to mobilize student efforts to participate and contribute to student work at all levels and to offer a high-quality programs and services, and urged Students creativity and thus achieving the needs of the Iraqi community, the region, and worldwide.



The educational goals of the Department of Architecture to prepare students to solve problems ethically and economically by:

  • Teaching them sufficient education for the basics of mathematics and engineering sciences in order to use knowledge in the profession.
  • Helping them to develop relevant skills in the design process that include problem formulation, creative thinking, effective communication, information analysis and teamwork.
  • Helping them to understand the importance of their professional and ethical responsibilities.
Architecture engineering

Department Council Members

Ahmed Hasson

Assist. Prof.

Mouyesar Ali Ahmed

Fine arts

Saif-Aldeen Saad Abdul-hameed

Architectural Engineering
Assist. Lecturer

Ayaat Ali Yaseen

Urban Planning
Assist. Lecturer

Dhuha Kasim Ali

Urban Planning
Assist. Lecturer

Department’s Inputs


The Department of Architecture at Al-Farahidi University receives students who have graduated from the preparatory school from the branch (Scientific, applied) at rates that vary from year to year determined by the Ministry of Higher Education for admission to the departments and colleges of public and private universities, according to certain admission controls approved by the ministry.

The duration of study in the department is five years.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

  • Site designer and engineer.
  • Executive graphic designer.
  • Architectural Notary.
  • Designer Architect.
  • Design and coordination of cities and complexes.
  • 3D perspective designer.
  • Industrial designer.
  • Construction control (construction supervision).
  • Architectural Art Department.
  • Architectural researcher.