Department of Architecture Engineering Ceremony

  1. Every technical skill present in students needs correct direction, development and follow-up because it is considered an expression of his intellectual potential, and how this is done by means of usable either drawing or writing, or both.
  2. Upgrading the student’s level of intellectual, expressive, analytical and applied aspects through adopting the best modern audiovisual means, and investing the computer in theoretical lessons to reach the required level.
  3. The theoretical and practical aspects are among the important and approved elements to determine the elements and components that adopt the technical composition in order to reach a composition that is identical to the design intentions in order to reach the operational stage.

Freehand Studio

The freehand studio is an important place that allows the student to transform his ideas and mental designs into integrated models designed in front of him in an integrated engineering manner. From this, an engineering staff is prepared who is able to employ the aesthetics of the form and the functional performance of the design in a varied and different artistic production manner that adds an imprint of architectural skill.