About the College


The Medical Technical College was established in (2018) according to the book of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. TH / K 13984 dated 29/8/2018 to be an advanced scientific and academic edifice that contributes to providing our dear country in the public and private sectors with specialized engineering cadres equipped with the latest sciences and knowledge that qualify them To enter the labor market with professionalism and high efficiency.

The college has three departments (Department of Medical Devices Engineering, Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques and Department of Forensic Evidence).

Dean’s Speech


I am pleased to extend to you a kind greeting wishing you an academic year full of scientific and cognitive giving and crowned with diligence and diligence, and in this sensitive circumstance and the great challenges that our dear country is going through. And our dear students, to exert your best efforts to invest time and focus on advanced scientific achievement in accordance with the curricula provided by your medical technical college, which is one of the leading scientific edifices in supplying the labor market with scientific specializations that contribute to building an advanced civilized society. The college was keen to provide all the basic educational requirements of a distinguished faculty and an advanced academic system that follows theoretical and practical scientific curricula that keep pace with the scientific and technical development movement in the countries of the world.

My children, your college, the purpose of your knowledge and its distinction from your distinction, I invite you from the depths of perseverance, commitment to time, and achieving great success. I remind you, my sons, to abide by the college regulations and instructions so that you can set an example for your colleagues in other educational sites, and what is referred to you as Lebanon and the ideals, and you are worthy of that.

Dean of the Medical Technical Collage
Assist. Prof. Dr. Waleed Khaled Ibrahim


Leadership in the application side of medical sciences to form a solid foundation for students in acquiring practical applied skills and the rules of solid scientific research.


  • Providing students with skills and knowledge in applied medical sciences and clinical technology to enable them to work in health institutions and meet the needs of the market for medical work in accordance with international standards to provide the best services to society.
  • Encouraging scientific research to keep pace with scientific progress in accordance with international standards.
  • Establishing other scientific departments that are not currently available according to the needs of the medical labor market.


  • Achieving the principle of working as one cohesive team in the success of all educational programs.
  • Keeping pace with the development and improvement of educational programs and excellence at the local and global level.
  • Upgrading students’ abilities and skills by linking the theoretical and practical aspects in preparation for placing them in scientific and applied research within their specialization.
  • Encouraging creative and distinguished faculty members and students and honoring them in a special and distinguished way
  • Meet the requirements of quality assurance and prepare for institutional and program accreditation.
  • Upgrading the qualitative value of scientific research and innovation in applied medical sciences.
  • Continuous interaction with the requirements of the medical labor market and the requirements of the beneficiaries in accordance with the procedural method of excellence and traceability of our educational outcomes.

Affective goals and values

  • WonderingThe search for new information and debates about real problems.
  • Deduction and deductionThink beyond the available information to fill in the gaps.
  • AnalysisIdentify strengths, risks, and disadvantages.
  • CategoryPutting things in groups according to common characteristics
College of Medical Technical

College Council

Prof. Dr. Khulood Waheeb AboodHead of the Forensic Evidence Department

Life sciences
Professor Dr

Asst. Prof. Dr. Waleed Khalid Ibrahem al-AzzawiDean

Control and systems engineering
Assistant Professor

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Obaid HamzaHead of the Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies

Assistant Professor

Prof. Dr. Fareed Faris RASHIDHead of the Department of Medical Instrumentation Technical Engineering

Professor Dr

Dr. Mustafa Jawad Al-KiziAssistant dean for Administrative Affairs


Assist. Prof. Merriam Ghadhanfar AlwanAssistant dean for Scientific Affairs

Assistant Professor

Prof. Dr. Fareed Faris RASHIDHead of the Department of Medical Instrumentation Technical Engineering

Professor Dr

Prof. Dr. Nidal Abdel MohaimanHead of the Department of Radiology

Medical microbiology


Professor Dr

Assist. Prof. Dr. Jalal Alwan MejbelHead of the Anesthesiology Department

Assistant Professor Doctor

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdel Hadi KhalilDepartment Coordinator

 analytical chemistry
Liquid chromatography with high performance
Assistant Professor Doctor

College Study Plan

Scientific Department1st.
2nd. Year3rd. Year4th.
Forensic Evidence Technology Department38453842163
Medical Instrumentation Techniques Engineering department45494743184
Medical Lab. Technology department41444851184