Department of Medical Instrumentation Technical Engineering

Institution: Al-Farahidi University.
College: Medical Technical College.
Department / Academic Program Name: Department of Medical Instrumentation Engineering Techniques.
Name of final degree: Bachelor’s degree in Medical Device Technology Engineering.
Academic system: The first phase is the annual curriculum system / remaining stages.
User Accreditation Program: (Central Technical University).

About the department


It is one of the scientific departments in the Medical Technical College at Al-Farahidi University. This department adopts a distinguished educational program that qualifies the student after graduation to engage in various fields of work in line with the technological progress in the fields of engineering technology and medical devices.
The department awards a bachelor’s degree in medical device technology engineering after studying for a period of four years, during which the student studies basic theoretical and practical subjects in electrical and mechanical engineering and medicine to gain the required experience in the field of work and design of medical devices.
The department’s practical curriculum includes summer training in hospitals during the summer vacation while studying in the second and third stages.
Fourth stage students implement practical projects in their major and hold discussion sessions about them in order to develop their creativity and initiative potential before their graduation.

Department Head’s speech


The aim of establishing the Medical Equipment Technology Engineering Department is to graduate engineers with a good medical background who can work effectively in operating, designing, developing, maintaining and manufacturing medical equipment and devices in addition to managing medical centers and hospitals. The study plan in the department was established according to an engineering and medical system to calculate the approved study hours consisting of percentages studied in accordance with the standards necessary to acquire electrical and mechanical engineering sciences, basic general sciences, in addition to basic medical and chemical sciences. During the four years of study, students receive their practical training in specialized hospitals and medical equipment maintenance centers. One of the requirements for graduation is for the student to present a practical project in the fourth stage.

Prof. Dr.  Farid Fares Rashid
Head of the Department


Leadership in applied engineering education and excellence in scientific research and community partnership locally and internationally in the specialty of medical device technologies.


Graduating distinguished engineers in medical device technologies to meet the needs of the national development plan and the labor market in health institutions in Iraq and have the ability to conduct scientific and applied research to develop engineering, consulting and training services in their fields of specialization.


The department seeks to achieve the following objectives:
• Rehabilitation and preparation of students to be technical engineers specialized in the field of installing, operating and maintaining various types of diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and laboratory medical devices.
• Building the competitive capabilities of graduates according to the requirements of the labor market in health institutions.
• Upgrading the capabilities and skills of academic staff in this specialization.
• Developing the professional performance of medical device engineers in hospitals.
• Meet the requirements of quality assurance and prepare for institutional and program accreditation.
• Upgrading the qualitative value of scientific research and innovation in the field of specialization in accordance with development priorities.


Department of Medical Instrumentation Technical Engineering

Department Council Members

Monkith Salim Dawoudmember

Electrical Engineering
Prof. Dr.

Farid Fares RashidHead of Department

Prof. Dr.

Nasir Sadoon abdMember

Chemistry Science
Lecturer Dr.

Zainab Jafar AliDepartment Coordinator

Assist. Lecturer

Shaima Hamidmember


Aqeel Ali Al-HilaliDepartment Coordinator


Department Inputs:

The Department of Medical Instrumentation Technical Engineering at Al-Farahidi University receives students who have graduated from the preparatory school from the branch (Applied Science – Biological) at rates that vary from year to year, which is determined by the Ministry of Higher Education, for admission to the departments and colleges of public and private universities, according to certain admission controls approved by the ministry.
The duration of study in the department is four years.


Career Opportunities for Graduates


Graduates work according to the medical progression system in the main hospitals of the provinces and central laboratories for a year, after which they are distributed to health centers.