Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques

Institution: Al-Farahidi University.
College: Medical Technical College.
Department / Academic Program Name: Medical Laboratory Techniques Department.
Name of final degree: Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology.
Academic system: The first phase is the annual curriculum system / remaining stages.
User Accreditation Program: (Central Technical University).

About the Department


Department of medical laboratories
The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques is one of the medical departments for technical competencies that contribute to providing the community with medical technical cadres specialized in the field of laboratory analysis in order to provide health and educational institutions and provide the highest levels of laboratory services. Communicating with medical institutions to achieve sustainable development and create an environment for technology circulation through electronic devices and technologies and a variety of sources of information and expertise

Department Head’s speech


Modern medicine relies on scientific and practical foundations in diagnosing and treating various diseases and from the essential and important foundations in diagnosis: the science of medical laboratories (pathological analyzes), where pathological analyzes in hospital laboratories and other health institutions play an effective role in diagnosing diseases and epidemics that devastate society, and help doctors In solving many ambiguous or undiscovered disease problems and assisting them in administering appropriate medicines for various diseases.

The Medical Laboratory Technologies Department is working on building medical technical staffs that deal with the latest pathological analysis devices and medical and health supplies, under the supervision of a distinguished, qualified, and highly experienced teaching staff in the field of pathological analysis techniques. The duration of the study in the college is four years, after which the graduate is granted a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory techniques, equivalent to the certificates granted in the same specialty by the health and medical technical colleges in the universities of technical education, and the study is morning and evening.

Dr. Mohamed Obaid Hamza
Head of the Department


That the scientific laboratories (medical and engineering) at Al Farahidi University be pioneers in all fields and at a modern level, and they are distinguished in terms of teaching and application to achieve a future vision in building individual and community development.


The Department of Laboratory Management at Al Farahidi University aims to prepare graduates who can keep pace with technological development in all their fields, as well as qualifying distinguished cadres capable of innovation and creativity through learning and scientific research to meet the needs of the local community, to contribute to the development of knowledge capabilities and keep pace with scientific and technological developments in various disciplines.


    1. Preparing scientific and engineering cadres capable of working in various fields.
    2. Promoting technical medical education for students and raising their level within the framework of developing the education system in line with the quality content.
    3. Continuously develop academic programs and courses in order to comply with the requirements of the labor market to increase job opportunities for college graduates.
    4. Develop students’ technical abilities and skills that enable them to compete in the labor market.

Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques

Department Council Members

Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Obaid HamzaHead of the Department

Assistant Professor

Ali Fadhil AlwanMember

Medical physiology
Prof. Dr

Rusul Riad AbaasMember




Mohammed Abdel Hadi KhalilMember

Analytical chemistry

Assist. Prof. Dr

Fadhil Hussam AhmedMember

Assist. Lecturer

Ibrahim Walid MahdiVice head department

Assist. Lecturer

Department Inputs:

The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques at Al-Farahidi University receives students who have graduated from the preparatory school from the branch (Applied Science – Biological) at rates that vary from year to year, which is determined by the Ministry of Higher Education, for admission to the departments and colleges of public and private universities, according to certain admission controls approved by the ministry.

The duration of study in the department is four years.


Career opportunities for graduates


A- Conducting laboratory tests related to (isolation – staining – examining bacteria present in clinical samples)

B- Preparing and sterilizing agricultural media and examining food for food contamination.

C- Performing all analyzes and examinations pertaining to blood

D- Conducting examinations of urination, excretion and various body fluids (knee fluids – spinal cord fluids – fluid.

E- Preparing histological slides for the various organs of the body and preparing them for examination

F- Prepare all laboratory solutions.

G- Dealing with laboratory equipment used in pathological analysis laboratories by operating and maintaining them.

H- Managing laboratories, setting up their requirements, and conducting vital statistical analysis with regard to pathological analyses