Complete denture Labs

By training the students to prepare the complete denture mobile laboratory using advanced devices and equipment and providing all the necessary materials for work with the help of the most skilled staff available in the country and considering it a curriculum that starts from the second stage to the fourth stage.

Partial denture Lab

The partial denture laboratory is one of the basics dental technology departments, starting from the second stage education to the fourth stage education by forming the heat care acrylic

Crowns and Bridges Laboratory

In this laboratory, students are trained on the crowns and bridges laboratory by providing the necessary equipment and materials for this laboratory, which is considered one of the most important laboratories producing fixed structures, which are supplied to dental clinics to meet the requirements for cosmetic and pathological cases.

Cobalt Chrome Lab

One of the removable dentures consisting of thermal acrylic and cobalt chrome metal, as it is a professional requirement for the third stage to complete the educational curriculum in our college to replace missing teeth that needs high proof through partial preparation very closely to the missing teeth and linking them to it.

Casting and welding lab

In this space, the work related to crowns and bridges is completed by preparing the metal needed for this and conducting molding and welding it, which begins with work in the second stage education within the educational curriculum to the fourth stage