Prosthetic Dental Technologies

Institution: Al-Farahidi University.
College: Medical Technical College.
Department / Academic Program Name:  Prosthetic Dental Technologies

Name of the final degree: Bachelor of  Prosthetic Dental Technologies
Academic system: The first phase is the annual curriculum system / remaining stages
User Accreditation Program (Central Technical University).

About the department


The Department of prosthetic dental technologies is one of the most important departments at this time, as it complements the College of Dentistry in terms of the quality and aesthetics of work with regard to the progressing which making in the College of Dentistry.
The department was established in the year 2019-2020 to keep step with the progress made in the fields of academic and educational development, which is receiving attention in all countries of the world.
Preparing staff for dental industry laboratories is very necessary in the private and public domain, providing human resource to fill needing in the local market and fill the shortage of government human resource through training students by dental staff provide with scientific and practical experience.
As the Dental Industry Technology Department is within the central appointment plan of the Iraqi Ministry of Health.
Our department is linking through (Central Technical University/Medical Technical College/Dental Industry Department/Bab Al-Moadham) closely in defining the structure and the complete laboratory structure and providing a specific syllabus linked to them through the twinning system between the public and private universities

Department Head’s speech


The academic department represents the first administrative unit and the basic building in the organizational structure of the university, where no university can perform its mission and achieve its goals except through the academic departments. Therefore, the Department of Dental Industry seeks to be an administrative unit with distinctive features and lofty goals through the application of the Ministry’s laws, instructions, regulations and systems accurately. And honesty and in a way that is positively reflected on the department’s output of specialized cadres with high skills.
The ambition of our Department of Dental Industry is to graduate scientifically and practically superior dental technicians and develop their ability to keep step with the wheel of scientific development to serve the people of the country by training them on the latest technologies and devices and developing their skills in the field of prosthetics.
The Department of Dental Industry began receiving its students since its establishment in 2019-2020 and working to prepare all the requirements for scientific excellence for them by providing specialized staff in various medical specialties and scientific titles that work with dedication and keenness to raise the scientific level of the department’s students in addition to developing university teaching methods and advanced scientific research from During the preparation of classrooms and educational laboratories with the latest devices and equipment that contribute to the delivery of theoretical and practical scientific information with high accuracy

Lec.dr.Ammar riadh mohie
Head of the department


The Department of Prosthetic Dental Technologies has a vision to be one of the distinguished and effective departments within the higher education system in Iraq and in all educational, research and treatment fields, which contributes to the service and development of society.


Providing high-quality and appropriate theoretical and practical education requirements to keep pace with scientific developments in the field of specialization, which enables the student to be highly qualified to meet the requirements of the labor market in the governmental and private sectors.


To achieve the vision, the following goals must be achieved:-
1 – Teaching the student the different dental materials used in the dental industry.
2 – Teaching the student the different types of laboratories and equipment used in each of them.
3 – Teaching the student all the requirements of occupational safety.
4 – The student’s knowledge of how to manufacture various dental prostheses from crowns, bridges, cosmetic veneers, and crowns of fixed dental implants.
5 – Teaching the student how to make movable prostheses, whether they are complete or partial acrylic or metal.
6 – Teaching the student how to make and complete the various maxillofacial prostheses.
7- Teaching the student to manufacture mobile orthodontic devices.
Prosthetic Dental Technologies

Department Council Members

Lec.dr.Ammar riadh mohieHead of Forensic Evidence Department

Lecturer. Dr.

Lec.dr. Samar muayad Al-fadhelMember

Lecturer. Dr.

Dania ihssan abd al razakMember

High deplomar

Lec.dr.Neran ali thamerMember

Lecturer. Dr.

Hala Baher HomadiMember

Assist. Lecturer

Ass.lec.Riyam lateef khalafMember

Assist. Lecturer

Department Inputs:

The Department of Technical of Forensic Evidence at Al-Farahidi University receives students who have graduated from the preparatory school from the branch (Applied Science – Biological) at rates that vary from year to year, which is determined by the Ministry of Higher Education, for admission to the departments and colleges of public and private universities, according to certain admission controls approved by the ministry.
The duration of study in the department is four years.


Career opportunities for graduates


Graduates of forensic techniques work according to the medical progression system in major hospitals and forensic medicine and in several ministries such as the Ministry of Interior and Defense.