Department of  Forensic Sciences


Institution: Al-Farahidi University.
College: Medical Technical College.
Department / Academic Program Name:  Department of Forensic Sciences

Name of the final degree: Bachelor of Forensic Technology.
Academic system: The first phase is the annual curriculum system / remaining stages
User Accreditation Program (Central Technical University).

About the department


It is one of the scientific departments in the Medical Technical College at Al-Farahidi University. Which provides a distinguished educational program that qualifies students after graduation to engage in various fields of work related to the science of forensic evidence, by providing and preparing individuals with high scientific competence in the fields of crime investigation, criminal investigations, fingerprinting, evidence gathering, dealing with and analyzing them, which leads to the diagnosis of perpetrators on scientific grounds. Do not accept ambiguity, how to preserve evidence at the crime scene, take samples from its location, document evidence, learn how to deal with modern equipment and technologies in the field of jurisdiction, prevent and determine the occurrence of crime, and support courts and prosecutors with facts based on criminal evidence.
Students learn about the anatomical tissue of human body organs, as well as know how to use devices and equipment related to the detection of forensic evidence and basic skills in chemistry, such as preparing solutions, concentrations, color and volumetric analysis of materials, as well as learning skills practiced inside crime scenes, especially the effects of accidents, how to criminal record accidents, and getting acquainted with the first principles of aid. The priority, rules for their application, how to take fingerprints from the accused or from the crime scene, fingerprints and paws, and preserving them, and conducting practices in the laboratories in this section, as well as for the student to be able to use cameras and equipment for forensic photography, and the student learns methods for examining forged currencies for the truth and examining official documents and papers How to use the fraud audit kit, the methods used to investigate poisons, drugs, and the devices used for that, and how to write reports for the examination of poisons and drugs, as well as for students to be able to familiarize themselves with information related to explosives, their types and the types of tools used to extinguish fires.

Department Head’s speech


The Forensic Evidence Department is considered one of the modern medical departments at Al-Farahidi University. It is considered one of the relatively rare specialties at the present time in terms of educational spread, and provides admission to new applicants in terms of providing and preparing individuals with high scientific competence in the fields of crime investigation, criminal investigations, fingerprint collection, evidence collection, dealing with and analysis Which leads to the diagnosis of the perpetrators on unambiguous scientific grounds.

Prof.Dr. Khulood Waheeb abbood
Head of the department


Achieving leadership and distinction in forensic science and techniques and understanding new scientific research methods.


Preparing scientifically and professionally qualified competencies by providing applied academic programs that keep pace with scientific and technical developments in the field of forensic evidence.
Establishing distinguished teaching programs that take into account the actual need of students in the field of specialization and in a manner that meets the needs of the national development plan while providing advisory services in forensic sciences.


• Developing the capabilities of technical and administrative competencies in forensic laboratories to keep abreast of developments with the need to benefit from various international experiences.
• Documenting the links and joint work between researchers in scientific bodies and specialized research centers locally, regionally and internationally.
• Work to implement the quality of practical and technical performance in criminal laboratories through special programs that qualify the student and researcher to gain experiences in using the latest scientific and digital technologies in analyzing results and evidence and how to deal with identifying the perpetrator in support of the information and legal skills that the student acquired during the years of study.
Department of Forensic Sciences

Department Council Members

Khulood Waheeb AbboodHead of Forensic Evidence Department

Prof. Dr.

Amjad Fawzi AhmedMember

Prof. Dr.

Mustafa Qahtan SaminMember

Lecturer. Dr.

Hala Baher HomadiMember

Assist. Lecturer

Asst. Lect. Shahad Emad NiemaaMember

Assist. Lecturer

Department Inputs:

The Department of Technical of Forensic Evidence at Al-Farahidi University receives students who have graduated from the preparatory school from the branch (Applied Science – Biological) at rates that vary from year to year, which is determined by the Ministry of Higher Education, for admission to the departments and colleges of public and private universities, according to certain admission controls approved by the ministry.
The duration of study in the department is four years.


Career opportunities for graduates


Graduates of forensic techniques work according to the medical progression system in major hospitals and forensic medicine and in several ministries such as the Ministry of Interior and Defense.