Dean of the college of pharmacy / Al-Farahidi University

Prof. Dr. Awatif Abd Ibrahim Al_Ani

Dean’s Speech


The pharmacy as a profession and science is considered as one of the important professions and sciences in Iraq, Arabic and foreign countries including USA and Canada since there are continuous market needs for several fields of pharmacy.

These needs include working of pharmacists in: private and governmental pharmacies, drug industries and companies; in addition to other opportunities for working in private and governmental laboratories, and as clinical pharmacists in hospitals and health centers. Besides, there are other chances for pharmacists who are willing to complete their higher studies to obtain high diploma, MS.C. and Ph.D. to work in medical colleges particularly college of pharmacy for teaching and researches. Thus, there are great and escalating desire for people to obtain BS.C. and higher degree in pharmacy.

The objectives of the college of pharmacy in Al-Farahidi University are for preparing and graduation of qualified pharmacists who possess the commitments and obligations to respect pharmacy profession. These objects and tasks are achieved by depending on pharmacy program and syllabus, which are accredited and approved by ministry of higher education and scientific research, and tracking all improvements and updating of the pharmacy program and syllabus, by coordination with governmental pharmacy colleges, which we are working to join. In addition to cooperation with Arabic and foreign pharmacy colleges, and depending on qualified teachers with adequate knowledge and experience in practical and theoretical pharmaceutical sciences.

We thank our Lord for the successes, which have been achieved during the two years of our pharmacy college age; these successes were due to the great and fruitful efforts from the University, the college and our dear students. We are highly confident to proceed forward and progress in distinguished steps for the achievement of the supreme goals of the college in order to render our college as one of the great scientific and civilized symbol for our beloved great Iraq.

About the College


The department of pharmacy at Al-Farahidi University College was established in 2017, and due to the availability of facilities, equipment, qualified experts, in addition to distinguished place and size of the University; approvals were obtained at 2018 from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to convert the (university college) into University. Consequently, all departments have become colleges (including department of pharmacy) which has become College of Pharmacy.

The building of the college is composed of three floors, which have adequate number of classrooms and laboratories in addition to the services for the students and administrative staff. The college possess adequate number of cadres and teachers with scientific and academic qualifications and assistants of administrative staff and technicians. Besides, the management pay high attention for introducing the updated and modern system of teaching such as E-learning.

The college involve six branches, which are Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognocy, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, and Clinical Pharmacy. Each branch cover part of pharmaceutical sciences from all different sides.

The objectives of the college are to prepare qualified pharmacists who possess adequate scientific qualifications and technical expertise to perform and conduct all different services of pharmacy. The college grant B.Sc. Degree in pharmacy. It takes five years to obtain the degree, during each year the college offer lectures and follow all the programs and syllabus approved by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research taking into consideration all developments and updating of the programs, syllabus, and plans, which are submitted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


Our vision is to be the leading, unique, and distinct college of pharmacy in Iraq and other countries by following the international guidelines and development in all basic and advanced pharmaceutical sciences involving teaching, researches, services, training and consultations.


  • Preparing qualified pharmacists to serve the community and the nation.
  • Developing the personal, academic, teaching and research skills of the faculty members to provide them with high theoretical and practical abilities and experiences.
  • Cooperation with different sectors in the country, such as; ministry of health, ministry of industry and minerals, ministry of science and technology, national drug industries; to conduct joined projects and to give consultations and services which participate in the development of the country and serve the community.
  • Cooperation with Iraqi, Arabic and foreign pharmacy colleges and other relevant research centers to gain and exchange knowledge and experience.


Our mission is to prepare skilled pharmacists capable of introducing all pharmaceutical services to the public. The missions include also supporting and supplying the country with graduate generation of pharmacists and introduce services in all fields of pharmacy.

College of Pharmacy

College Council (2020-2021)

Prof. Dr. Awatif Abd Ibrahim Al_AniDean

Asst. Prof.

Dr. Mohanad Adel MohammedDeputy Dean


Dr. Hakeem Ahmed Mukhlif MemberHead of Pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical chemistry Department


Dr. Waleed Khaleel AbdulsahibDean deputy


Dr. Sattar Jaber AbboodHead of Pharmacology and toxicology Department


College’s Inputs


The College of Pharmacy at Al-Farahidi University receives students who have graduated from the preparatory school from the branch (scientific / biological) at rates that vary from year to year determined by the Ministry of Higher Education for admission to the departments and colleges of public and private universities, according to certain admission controls approved by the ministry.

The duration of study in the college is five years.

Career Opportunities for Graduates


After the end of the five years of study in the College of Pharmacy, Every graduate can join one of the following jobs:

Establishing a private pharmacy:

Establishing a private pharmacy for the sale of medicines and medical and therapeutic drugs in general is a common and recognized work in all circles of the pharmacy profession. This profession is called (community pharmacist), but some graduates may not be able to establish a private pharmacy due to the high cost (especially in the case of students who have recently graduated). Therefore, many pharmacy graduates resort to working for existing pharmacies, and there are big names in this world that have many branches, and this is why there is a continuous need for graduates of the College of Pharmacy to work and manage these various branches.


Working in pharmaceutical factories:

The work of a pharmacist in pharmaceutical factories is also one of the most required and available professions. This is due to the fact that the role of pharmacists in drug industries is to manufacture and produce medicines, develop them and discover new drug formulation and more advanced technical methods. Besides their role is also in supervising the factory production plans. That is why it is indispensable that there are a large number of pharmacists in all pharmaceutical factories.


Undergraduate teaching:

As for working in the field of academic teaching within a team of faculty members in a college of pharmacy, it is one of the best fields of work available for pharmacy as well. However, it requires that the pharmacist have a high level of knowledge and experience in teaching and research, In addition to his ability to explain, interpret and convey information in a simple way to every student. In addition to the above, the work of the pharmacist in academic teaching places upon him the importance of clarifying the role of the pharmacist in society to students and correcting the misconceptions spread in society about the specialty of pharmacy.



As for work in the field of scientific research, which takes place in one of the research centers or institutes, It is the desire of many students of the College of Pharmacy with a scientific passion and a desire to develop and discover more drugs and treatment’s methods. In addition, to provide modern means and methods of treatment that would help get rid of many diseases, and raise their cure rates.

For the pharmacist to be distinguished in the field of scientific research; the pharmacist should have the ability to understand, analyze and conclude, and aware of everything new in the world of medical and pharmaceutical research, and may also processes advance scientific degrees, obtain masters and doctorates, and continue research and studies in addition to supervising scientific spelling.


Quality management within hospitals:

The work of the pharmacist here is to raise the level of quality and health care within hospitals and medical centers, and trying to avoid mistakes that result in the spread of diseases, besides the major role in developing medical devices and providing detailed reports on everything hospitals needed, in order to get to the best.


The Pharmacist have unique opportunities to work in drugs promotion through the so many available drug’s companies and offices.



Due to the good experience pharmacist in chemistry and clinical laboratory works, the pharmacist processes. Good opportunities to work in clinical laboratory centers in private and governmental sectors.


Medical translation:

The translation of references and books in the field of medicine and pharmacy, of course, needs a person specialized in the field, in addition to proficiency in the language at the same time, and this is what is available in the pharmacist, Thus, every pharmacist can work in medical translation, whether in translation offices and companies or through freelance websites.


Working abroad:

Of course, we have to point out that the specialty of pharmacy with its various branches is one of the fields that find great opportunity in obtaining job opportunities abroad, whether in Arab or foreign countries, in pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research centers and others.