Continuing Education and Developing Center (CEDC)

About Center

The (CEDC) at Al-Farahidi University is a service center concerned with training, developing university education, the educational environment, qualifying the teaching and administrative staff in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation, Additionally the center pay attention to human resources by holding various training courses for staff and teaching staff from inside and outside the university for the purpose of upgrading their levels, and keeping pace with the development taking place in all fields of work and training.




The Center relied on the principle of an active University by providing qualifying and training programs for the teaching and functional staff of the university’s employees and other institutions to develop their professional, educational and career performance, and to achieve support and assistance in order to achieve a better vision of the reality of university education and its requirements in light of comprehensive quality standards.




Providing an effective training environment capable of providing continuing education services and knowledge and professional rehabilitation to the target groups, through modern educational strategies and advanced technical means, keeping pace with scientific development in all professional and educational fields, and meeting the needs of the labor market in the public and private sectors.




  1. Organizing specialized training courses for employees of the university and other institutions, teachers and employees, in light of the requirements of their job work.
  2. Establishing occupational safety and security courses to work in scientific laboratories.
  3. Coordinating work in various government institutions by opening various training courses according to their needs in order to achieve the best services to society.
  4. Holding summer training courses for university students and other universities, according to modern scientific programs and under the supervision of specialized professors.
  5. Establishing professional courses to prepare technical cadres capable of working in the private sector.