The Letter

Providing distinguished health and medical care to the local community through expertise and fields in the field of radiology and medical imaging, providing accurate scientific medical interpretation resulting from advanced medical technologies, achieving communication between all relevant parties, and establishing continuous education.

The Department of Radiology and Ultrasound at Al Farahidi University undertakes the rehabilitation and training of its students in order to be in the leading providers of radiological medical services in the future serving the local community as well as engaging in research and scientific activity
We look forward to achieving distinction and leadership at the local level in the field of education and general medical services, by qualifying a skilled professional cadre in the basic medical professions sector in radiology and medical imaging.




Enabling the graduates of the Radiology and Ultrasound Department to acquire accurate and level skills that comply with international standards in the ability to interpret and analyze data. The department should be able to provide consultation in the field of radiation and diagnostic and therapeutic medical imaging for doctors, governmental and private hospitals, patients and the local community in and around Diyala.
The department’s graduates should be able to provide relevant medical services to all patients, sympathize with and respect them without compromising their dignity. Work to make the safety and security of the patient in the first place during radiography.
Teaching students the proper and appropriate use of medical radiological imaging techniques to achieve the greatest benefit to their patients.
Raising and developing the level of knowledge and skills of the students of the department and improving their professional and career path in radiology during their undergraduate studies at the college and after graduating from it through training and continuing education. Graduating a professional and qualified cadre to work in radiology and medical imaging in government and private hospitals and various medical clinics