Prosthetic Dental Technologies



The Department of Prosthetic Dental Technologies has a vision to be one of the distinguished and effective departments within the higher education system in Iraq and in all educational, research and treatment fields, which contributes to the service and development of society.


Providing high-quality and appropriate theoretical and practical education requirements to keep pace with scientific developments in the field of specialization, which enables the student to be highly qualified to meet the requirements of the labor market in the governmental and private sectors.


To achieve the vision, the following goals must be achieved:-

1 – Teaching the student the different dental materials used in the dental industry.

2 – Teaching the student the different types of laboratories and equipment used in each of them.

3 – Teaching the student all the requirements of occupational safety.

4 – The student’s knowledge of how to manufacture various dental prostheses from crowns, bridges, cosmetic veneers, and crowns of fixed dental implants.

5 – Teaching the student how to make movable prostheses, whether they are complete or partial acrylic or metal.

6 – Teaching the student how to make and complete the various maxillofacial prostheses.

7- Teaching the student to manufacture mobile orthodontic devices.