the scientific symposium on Al-Farahidi

Under the patronage of the President of Al-Farahidi University, Prof. Dr. Tariq Hefzy Al-Khayat, the scientific symposium on Al-Farahidi launched yesterday, Wednesday, a project for the Department of Architecture at the University of Baghdad.
The first part
Reorganizing the priorities of the city of Baghdad – problems and solutions (Prof. Dr. Abdul-Hussein Al-Askari / Architecture / University of Baghdad).

second part
Engineering properties of the soil of the city of Baghdad and the challenges in the year 1980
The third part
Challenges and design for the building of the Central Bank of Iraq (Dr. Samer Al-Jilawi / Central Bank of Iraq / New Building Project Management)

fourth part
The role of geotechnics in shaping the city (Dr. Hadi Abdel-Zahra Al-Shami / Architectural Consultant and Urban Planner / Ministry of Planning.

The symposium was attended by the assistant president of the university for scientific affairs and several deans and professors.

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